Thursday, May 31, 2018

A few things …

It’s been a little while between conversations, but here I am, alive and well, and heading in a new writing direction. But, before I reveal the juice, I’d like to take this opportunity to reflect on a few things.

Writing, publishing and promoting my non-fiction book Where The Light Lives has occupied me for seven years. For me, my memoir was a mammoth release, joy, and effort, and all-encompassing.

I imagine many authors feel similarly about a beloved book they’ve written, and perhaps a first book is one to which we give and attach ourselves the most.

Where The Light Lives is a book I am proud of; it’s a rare, comprehensive Australian representation of spiritually transformative experiences, and proof that a person doesn’t need to be ‘near-death’ to experience extraordinary states of consciousness.

My dad features in the book; I tell how his early life tragedy set the tone of my life and my spiritually transformative experiences healed the resulting intergenerational grief in me.

However, since dad’s death, last September, I’ve been feeling it is time for me to move on from Where The Light Lives. That is, it’s time for a change, creatively- to head in a new writing direction. 

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Happily, I am anything but finished with spiritually transformative experiences, only now I wish to share the light in a different way.

An ongoing project is my book of poetry. But, the real juice is this, the project I am feeling most excited about is fiction writing. Hello, fiction! Yes, fiction is the new writing direction I’m heading in.

The backstory is, in late 2016, I entered a short story competition. Since then, that story has lingered in my mind, and this year has taken on extraordinary life! It kind of took me over, unexpectedly.

I still have lots to learn about crafting a novel but this is the fun bit for me – I love to research – and there’s plenty of excellent info available online, the best of which I will share if you care to follow me on this blog and social media.

I plan to write my novel’s first draft during NaNoWriMo later this year, and yes, my newest writing venture will definitely expand upon my favourite supernatural themes!

Linda Cull is the author of the book Where The Light Lives, visionary artist, and founder of Wilara Press®. Her blog Spirit my way® covers spirituality, inspired creativity and transformative experiences. Learn more here