Hi, I’m Linda Cull, welcome to my blog! Spirit my way is about living an inspired, authentic life through your own personal spirituality.

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Blog Categories

For your ease of orientation around Spirit my way, I have listed the categories below on which I post. You can click on any one of the category headings to arrive at the subject.

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A few things …

Welcome to my blog category, A few things. This category enables me to communicate a few extra things to you, whenever a few things arise, covering all sorts of musings.

Art business

Grow your creative business with me. Coming soon!

Art studios

I invite you into the sacred spaces of creatives who have a passion for making art, in particular, women painters. Their workspaces inspire imagination, spirituality, wellness, and community – and often they are thriving businesses and classrooms. We learn from flourishing artists: why they create, where they create, what they create and how they organise themselves.

Inspired creativity

Awaken your creativity! I share my art practice with you. We explore creativity, imagination, and our inner-directive. Inspired creativity is the kind of creativity that is felt and expressed intuitively, revealing your soul’s innate wisdom. Experience it as a divine connection and personal healing – a feeling of release, surrender, resolution, joy, and wonder!

Ordinary people inspiring others (OPIOs)

I share interviews I’ve conducted with inspiring individuals who are changing our world – for the better – in their own way. It’s about the power inherent in each of the choices we make. It’s about everyday people who are enriching their communities and the planet by their conscious choices (Btw, by ‘ordinary’ I mean, regular folk + non-celebrity = the majority of us).


Life can get really messy and noisy! I share ways you can unplug from your busy, techno life so you can nourish your soul. Let us be present to ourselves, each other and our environment through self-love: self-care and self-work; mindful and meaningful relationships and pursuits. We also explore superpowers!

Soul story

Everyone has a soulful story inside them like a melody waiting to be sung. Sharing your story can be self-empowering and hearing someone’s intimacies and wisdom is inspiring to others. Here we gain from the insights of people whose lives have been altered, enhanced or transformed by their spiritual encounters and epiphanies.

Spiritual poetry

My spiritual experiences resulted in me writing lots of poems. They’re soul-searching pieces. Some depict the ‘ultra-reality’ of my out-of-body experiences and inner visions. You may enjoy reading these poems if you’re on the spiritual awakening journey or know someone who is. If you would like to share your spiritual poetry at Spirit my way, email

Spiritually transformative experiences

Have you seen the Light, left your body, visited heaven? Perhaps you know someone who has. We delve into spiritually transformative experiences and related phenomena: what they are, their effects, how to integrate them into daily life, and how to support an experiencer. We also look at ways to support, guide and inspire children’s spiritual lives.

Writer’s voice

Hello, writer! I share my books with you and go into ways you can become a more fulfilled writer or author. My writing journey has been multi-faceted; both challenging and rewarding. If you’re an aspiring mind, body, spirit author or have a work in progress, you may like to hear what I’ve learnt about the business of publishing – and what I’m still learning!


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