My Art

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My paintings are depictions of the extraordinary scenes, beings, and energies of the subtle world. Each painting takes you on a journey, inwardly. I love to paint, and I believe my pictures and the practice of creating them, are empowering. They have brought me such pleasure and personal insight, and many others have enjoyed their innate wisdom and beauty.

A unique quality of my paintings is the more you look, the more you see.

A friend once remarked that my art is childlike which I took as a wonderful compliment. My paintings are brightly coloured, energetic and free-flowing, and have arisen from a magical place inside of me. They are like happy holiday pics of my out-of-body journeys and inner visions.

In my early twenties, following my ‘Light’ encounters and a life review and preview on the spiritual plane, I developed an ability known as ‘spontaneous inspired creativity’.

Spontaneous inspired creativity feels like a sudden and overwhelming urge to create, in my case, to paint pictures pulsating with spiritual symbolism and meaning. I was so full up on The Light of God, albeit the ultimate creative power, that I felt an outpouring of this profound energy through my art practice. Though I’d been artistically inclined from an early age, this was something different. I’d never experienced such automation in my creativity, ever before.

It was as if heaven was speaking to me through the pictures I was painting. The guidance I received from a higher aspect of myself never ceased to amaze me, and I spent many hours sitting before every artwork deciphering a communication derived from the magical. It was very inspiring and healing.

The intense urge to paint consumed me for more than a decade until I became a mum and had babies to care for. It was a deeply spiritual practice in my life for a long time and one that opened me up, developing my intuition and a deeper trust for the natural rhythms of life.

Since 1997, I’ve created over 150 works of inspirational art. My paintings have been exhibited in galleries and public spaces in Perth, Subiaco, Fremantle and Margaret River, Western Australia.

Some of my art images are available for purchase as canvas prints, throw pillowstote bagsgreeting cards, and phone cases.

My book Where The Light Lives describes my transcendental experiences, how I became a visionary artist, the practice, and its effects. For more book info click here.

“Go with gold,” encouraged the voice, “and squirt out a lot more than you would think to use. We’ll tell you when to stop squeezing.”
Who is ‘we’? I thought, as I cleaned the brush with turps – the smell flaring my nostrils – wiping the brush on tissues – I squeezed out some gold paint.
“More,” it said. “More still. Good. Stop now.”
Who exactly is that talking to me? I thought, as I followed the prompt.
The painting proceeded in this rather extraordinary way. I continued to receive clear guidance – I saw it, heard it and felt it, and I followed it.

-Excerpt from Where The Light Lives