Hello, welcome to Spirit my way. If you’re into honouring your spirit then this site is absolutely for you! I’m Linda Cull, author of the inspirational book Where The Light Lives and founder of Wilara Press. For me, spirituality is about living the most authentic version of yourself.


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What’s Happening

Young woman with eyes closed prayingSHORT FILM

I recently discovered a free video making tool offered by Microsoft called Story Remix and created my very own Where The Light Lives book trailer! Read More

I now feel inspired to create short films about spiritual wisdom, and my spiritually transformative experiences (for those of you who like the interview format). Watch this space!


My spiritual experiences resulted in the writing of poetry. Some depict the ‘ultra-reality’ of my out-of-body experiences and visions, others, self-empowerment. Read More

If you’re on the spiritual path or know someone who is, you’ll enjoy reading these soul-searching poems which will be featured alongside my inspired art. Read More


How about a historical fiction to tantalise the spiritual adventurer in you? I’m constructing a tale about a boy living through the hardships of WWII; whose life is transformed by a baby girl and a Gypsy – oh, and an epic near-death experience!

It’s a book for believers of love, hope, and the power of spirit. And, it’s my big project for 2019! Read More


In response to a number of requests from my readers who are also aspiring authors, I’m compiling a practical ‘how-to’ e-book for the spiritual writer covering the intricacies of author business and self-publishing.

In the meantime, the blog category Writer’s Voice has helpful info for you. A popular post is: Getting Started As A Spiritual Author. Read More


Share Your Story

At Spirit my way you have the opportunity to share your spiritual experience or epiphany with readers who are intrigued by and accepting of such experiences. If you’d like to share your soul story please contact me. Read More

If you would like to further develop your soul story into a book for yourself, your family and friends, or to share it with a wide audience, you may like to learn about Wilara Press author services. Read More


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Where the Light Lives is a heart-warming story of love, determination and sheer tenacity. It dispels the idea that we are alone in our spiritual journey and in doing so offers a guiding hand to those who are struggling and confused by their own spiritual or psychic infolding. A highly recommended read!

-Peter J Morris, founder, Spirituality Today