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A True Story about Death, Grief and Transformation

Foreword by Dr. Penny Sartori, author of The Wisdom of Near-Death Experiences

Where The Light Lives is the inspirational memoir of Linda Cull, a young woman from a traditional Southern European culture which was traumatised and fragmented by the Second World War and civil conflicts, and the story of her spiritual awakening journey.

Linda was born and raised in Australia, far from her ancestral lands and their brutality, but the effects of war and cultural displacement impacted her formative years through the struggles of her immigrant parents.

As a teenager Linda was diagnosed with a spinal condition which caused her pain, disfigurement, and humiliation, escalating her feelings of anxiety and despair.

Turning to God for comfort and meaning, at the age of sixteen, Linda heard God’s voice calling her name and she had her first of many transcendent experiences.

Throughout her twenties and thirties, Linda experienced out-of-body travels to heaven and back, encounters with God, angels, spirit beings and the dearly departed, culminating in a profound healing of her life from personal and intergenerational grief.

Acts of spontaneous inspired creativity, enhanced intuition, synchronicities, premonitions and past life visions have further expanded Linda’s understanding of reality and the interconnectedness of all life.

This intimate account provides remarkable insight into spiritually transformative experiences and their after-effects, the nature of God, heaven and the soul.

-Published by Wilara Press

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The author

Linda Cull was educated at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, the Australian National University, and Murdoch University majoring in politics, and has worked for Federal and State Parliamentarians. She currently resides with her family in Perth, Western Australia. Find Out More


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