Wilara Press

Photo by Linda

Spirit my way® is a registered trademark. Wilara Press® is my business and publishing name incorporating all of my author, publishing, artistic and professional endeavours, including Spirit my way.

Since the advent of print-on-demand printing services, an author and artist have never before been in a better position to empower themselves creatively and in the marketplace.

At Spirit my way I provide aspiring authors and artists with information that can help them get their works published and onto merchandise.

If you’re already on the Indie route I hope you’ll respond in the comment box of relevant posts and share your knowledge with us here at Spirit my way.

I first heard the word ‘Wilara’ spoken as a young woman’s name – it sounded very beautiful and melodic. When I discovered it’s meaning, it impacted me even more. Wilara means moon in the Wajarri dialect of the Murchison region of Western Australia.

My favourite natural wonder is the moon – it awes me. It’s representative of the God-light within each of us. That it’s a word arising from First Nation Peoples of Western Australia, with a rich spiritual and creative culture, was inspiring and pertinent to the kind of work I do.

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