Friday, March 18, 2016

highway with words: bog dreams painted on road

One of the blessings of getting older is understanding that regardless of people’s outward appearances, we all have challenges. Our lives are far from ‘perfect’, whatever our notion of perfect may be. Of course, our lives needn’t be perfect and rarely are, and that’s perfectly okay! 

We can learn a lot about ourselves through difficulties, especially how not to hook into that which is making life difficult for us. It doesn’t mean the difficulty is not felt, only that we have a choice to either intensify it with our thoughts and feelings or not.

Sometimes, this is easier said than done, but it still holds true, that we have control over our lives so much as we choose what will or won’t affect us.

I can honestly say, that from having a crazy busy couple of weeks, especially with managing my new business, amidst my home responsibilities, I’m having the learning experience, yet again, that my life isn’t perfect and needn’t be, and that’s okay!


Living the dream collage

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A friend kindly congratulated me this week on ‘living the dream’, now that I am doing what I have dreamt of doing for a long time – working as an author – and it is true, I am living my dream and I am really grateful this has manifested in my life. But, it made me pause to consider that living one’s dream is often a lot of hard work.

Making your dreams come true always starts with inspiration and then, a lot of imagination. I tell my kids, often, that imagining is a very important part of making things happen in life. Imagining accelerates with passion, dedication, and determination, but realising your dreams will usually only happen through a good amount of effort.

So, if you have a dream or more that you have yet to manifest, it’s probably time to pull up your dream sleeves and get sweaty with making it happen. First, you need to prepare the ground, then, plant your seeds – adding regular water, sunshine, and feed.

One day, your dream garden will be so grown, that you’ll be able to sit back with a cuppa or a glass of vino and admire all the splendid blooms and birdlife enabled by your efforts. Still, your dream garden will require your continued love and care.



What’s up this weekend!

Thank God it’s Friday! How will you be welcoming the weekend? Friday afternoon, for me, is often spent in the company of good friends. It’s a lot of local chatter and catching up with what’s going on with the kids.

Saturday, I’m on a girlie night out, for more talk, dinner, and a cocktail. And, of course, there will be time with my family. We’re still enjoying some fab end-of-summer weather here in Perth, so I’m sure we’ll end up doing something outdoors.

Here are a few things I want to share with you:

  • The music video by Tim McGraw, performing Humble And Kind is awesome! It gives me goosebumps for all the best reasons.
  • Have you ever dreamt of visiting a yoga retreat in a sacred land? Here are two upcoming retreats to India and Bhutan with a senior teacher of yoga, Joan Hymen.
  • An interesting National Geographic short film about the moment of death, exploring features of the near-death experience.
  • Did you know that Elisabeth Taylor had an NDE? In an inspiring interview, she describes what happened at her moment of death. 
  • I have previously posted on social media that origami is the new mindfulness craze for 2016. Here is a helpful video on how to make an origami Yoda from Star Wars. Do or do not. There is no try!
  • Supermarkets in France have been banned from throwing away or spoiling unsold food by law. Hurray! Bring it on in Australia, and everywhere, please!
  • The food revolution is alive and well in Denmark, which is to become a 100% organic country – and we can all learn by its example.
  • That Dragon, Cancer is poetic, imaginative gameplay that explores themes of faith, hope, and love – a full game walkthrough with no commentary.
  • Are you looking for your spark? Gail Straub offers some practical advice for sustaining our deepest passion.
  • In the spirit of inspiration and dreams coming true, you may like to view some of my artworks, here.

Have a great weekend!

Linda x

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