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Nancy Clark is an international award-winning author, speaker, and researcher. She is a crusader in the field of spiritually transformative experiences and I couldn’t be more pleased that she agreed to this two-part interview with me.

I admire Nancy and the work she does very much. Her books benefitted me greatly when I felt perplexed about how I’d come to experience all the features typically associated with a near-death experience yet without being close to death!

In my search for answers, Nancy’s books were the very few I could find on the subject. Nancy knows with certainty that the phenomenon of transcendence and transformation associated with near-death experiences can be experienced in different circumstances because this was her experience.

During childbirth, Nancy had a near-death experience and woke up in the morgue, and then years later, she had a near-death-like experience while delivering a eulogy for a dear friend.

Since then Nancy has devoted decades of her life to educating the public on spiritually transformative experiences and supporting other experiencers. Here, in her own words, she shares her remarkable story.


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My name is Nancy Clark and I live in the Columbus, Ohio vicinity. I’m a widow and have two grown sons. I graduated from Women’s Medical College at the University of Pennsylvania specializing in Cytology, the study of cells.

I was an instructor of Cytology and a cancer researcher in a highly specialized field of blood Cytology at a major university. I was working on cutting-edge research with some of the leading Cytopathologists in the country.

I am now retired and am devoting the remainder of my life to the spiritual “calling” I was given during my experience with the Light-God.

I was vigorously trained in the scientific method to define “reality” by what is observed through our physical senses; yet, my own transcendent experiences throughout my life go beyond the boundaries of science.



I am, therefore, in an excellent position to be able to analyze my own subjective experiences from both a professional and experiential perspective.

Having done this, there is one thing I know for certain, there is an alternate transcendent reality that co-exists alongside our known physical reality, which is not governed by our physical laws.

I would like to tell you that I have come to realize that when a person is ready to unfold and actualize one’s essence, the manner in which it will appear can be so profound that it may even be hard to understand.

The transformative power of that moment propels the individual toward the transcendent nature of life, living in ways that express their highest and most cherished values. That is what happened to me through the various spiritually transformative experiences I had throughout my life.


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A mystical experience with God at the age of four years instantly launched my spiritual life experientially, rather than just intellectually – into a close, personal communion with God. I also began to experience psychic phenomena – telepathy, precognition, and clairsentience from that early age.

During childbirth in the early 1960s, I developed eclampsia, died, had a near-death experience, and woke up in the morgue. The full story is written in my book, Hear His Voice: The Light’s Message for Humanity.

My near-death experience occurred before Raymond Moody, M.D. wrote his best-selling book, Life After Life, or coined the term, near-death experience (NDE), so when my NDE occurred, I had no previous knowledge of that type of experience.

For many years afterward, I remained silent about my NDE, not telling anyone about it for fear of being labeled crazy. After Moody’s book was published I learned there were many others who experienced what I did.

That’s when I became brave enough to reveal myself as an experiencer. My childbirth NDE “opened” me further. My intuitive abilities became stronger, my precognitive dreams became more frequent, and I became more loving.

Years later, the big experience came! In 1979, while delivering a eulogy for a dear friend, my spirit-self had lifted out of my physical body and merged completely into the Light-God. I experienced the exquisite splendor, beauty, peace, and unfathomable, unconditional love, of our Creator.

If I didn’t tell you that I was delivering a eulogy at the time while I am sharing my experience with you, you would automatically assume I had a near-death experience.


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You see, every detail of my experience is identical to what near-death experiencers have reported. The only difference is the trigger mechanism. Near-death experiencers were close to death at the time and I was not.

At the time of my experience, I was in perfect health, not taking any drugs of any kind, and I was mentally healthy, raising a loving family, working as a Cytologist, and active as a community leader.

It doesn’t matter what the trigger mechanism is that precedes the spiritually transformative experience. Sure, we are all curious to hear the story of someone who drowned or suffered a heart attack.

We are drawn into the drama of the physical condition of someone who reports an NDE, but that isn’t the experience at all. The “experience” itself begins the moment consciousness lifts out of the physical body and enters into an alternate reality other than the physical dimension.

That’s the experience and where our primary focus of inquiry should be rather than on the physical condition that led up to the experience. However, I doubt if we are going to change that mindset.

Human nature being what it is, we are more likely to put our trust in someone claiming to have entered Heaven’s door when they nearly died than we are to trust someone claiming that same journey while sitting in an easy chair for instance, or while washing dishes.

It will take a while before these similar experiences are readily accepted as NDEs, probably years!



If you are interested in Nancy’s ongoing research on spiritually transformative experiences, she would appreciate hearing your story. (Please, no near-death experiences will be considered).

Email her at and she will reply as soon as possible.

You can also visit her website at

Nancy Clark has written the following books:

            Hear His Voice: The Light’s Message for Humanity

            My Beloved: Messages from God’s Heart to Your Heart

            Divine Moments: Ordinary People Having Spiritually Transformative Experiences

            Stop Trying to Fix Me: I’m Grieving as Fast as I Can

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