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This is part two of a fascinating interview with Nancy Clark. View Part 1 here >

Nancy is an international award-winning author, speaker, and researcher who has dedicated many years of her life to educating people about spiritually transformative experiences and supporting other experiencers.

As a young woman, Nancy had a near-death experience during childbirth. This was at a time before the term was coined by Dr. Raymond Moody in 1975. And years later, a transcendental experience while delivering a eulogy that she refers to as ‘the big experience’.

Thereafter, Nancy determinedly sought to have this life-changing experience that occurred while she was in perfect health, properly acknowledged and examined by the near-death community as it shared many features and after-effects typically associated with the near-death experience.

In her own words, Nancy shares her story…


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I will list the components of my eulogy spiritually transformative experience, near-death-like experience, mystical experience, or possibly a dozen other names that have been given to experiences that transcend the physical dimension and have a spiritual, life-transforming component to the experience of transcendence.

Notice that my very deep experience has identical components to a classic near-death experience (NDE). They include:

  • Spirit-self lifting out of my physical body
  • Feeling unearthly peace
  • Seeing my deceased friend
  • Merging into oneness with the Light-God
  • Traveling through the dark universe at a tremendous rate of speed
  • Seeing around eleven different “dimensions”
  • Taken back to the beginning of Creation
  • All communication was telepathic
  • There was no time. Everything happened simultaneously
  • Life review
  • Life preview
  • Experiencing God’s unconditional love beyond human comprehension
  • Wanted to stay on the other side with God, but was told I could not stay. I was given a calling to return to the physical realm and to “speak and write” what the Light-God was revealing to me. I promised I would serve in this manner
  • Total knowledge was downloaded into my consciousness, from the beginning of time to infinity
  • Rapid return back to physical consciousness. I found myself finishing up the last sentences of the eulogy


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My life from that moment was transformed forever! The after-effects of that experience also are identical to what near-death experiencers have reported: loss of the fear of death, becoming more loving and forgiving, becoming more spiritually oriented, and lots more.

Once again, this experience “opened” me still further, allowing me to have more visions, after-death communications, and healing abilities. I was given the gift of writing which was a latent ability that surfaced and allows me to fulfill the “calling” I was given by the Light-God.


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The primary change for me I feel is that I have come to know myself as a mystic. Looking back upon my life, I can see that I was evolving into an awareness of my true identity.

There were stages to the process. I believe that as I released more of my lower self, more was received so that I was prepared to advance to a higher state of consciousness.

My near-death-like or mystical experience was the awakening to the discovery of the Divinity within my inner being. It didn’t happen overnight. It took those personal experiences to allow me to free myself from the powers of my old nature so that I may now live from my real center of being.

My life at this point is centered upon experiencing the continual inflow of the presence of God in my ordinary daily life and doing my best to express outwardly that love.

I am always aware of “being one with God,” the essence of who I truly am. This is a gift of the most unspeakable grace, a gift beyond any possible merit.

For me, it is like walking in two worlds at the same time. I don’t believe that anyone can fully understand this except another who has also experienced the mystical union with God.

I am passionate about keeping my promise to God that I will “speak and write” what was revealed to me during my experience. From 1979 when I was first given that “calling” to the present day, I have written four books and I am currently working on another.

I have given talks around the country, was interviewed on radio and television, and conducted my own research on spiritually transformative experiences. My work has helped thousands of individuals.


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Everything I do is marked by love and joy and is my gift back to the One who graced me with the gift of direct experience of God.

In 1984, I founded the Columbus, OH IANDS chapter of the International Association for Near-Death Studies making our group the second longest surviving local chapter of IANDS in the entire world.

It has been so heartwarming to be able to provide support for people who have had NDEs or other spiritually transformative experiences, or for those wanting to learn more about these experiences.

I would encourage anyone who feels in need of support to contact the IANDS (International Association for Near-Death Studies) national office: to find a local group in your area or to search for more information online.

Having a spiritually transformative experience can be the most cherished experience of one’s life and you may want to shout it from the rooftops letting others know what has been revealed to you.

While some may support you, you will find that others will not. It can be a very lonely path to travel if you are not prepared for it.

That is why I would encourage others to find support in ways that will be helpful such as reading books, searching online for articles, and blogs, and finding local support groups.

For some, it may be helpful to meditate, pray, spend time in nature, or write in a journal.


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Having had a near-death-like experience before anyone was talking about it was difficult for me in the sense that no one wanted to hear about it.

In 1979, Moody’s book had recently been published and the news media was pulsating with the drama of near-death experiences. Everyone wanted to know what happens after a person dies.

Research in this field was just beginning. Theories of the cause of NDEs were surfacing and as I listened to them explain those theories, I knew they were incorrect because my own near-death-like experience proved those theories incorrect.

I had plenty of oxygen to my brain while delivering the eulogy, I was not under anesthesia, or taking any drugs, and I was not hallucinating, or any other theory that was being discussed.

Yet I had the identical components of the experience the researchers were talking about.

So began my quest to alert the researchers and the general public that this type of transcendent otherworldly experience is not confined to the process of coming close to death.

There are many other triggers as well. But no one wanted to listen. I persisted. I wouldn’t give up, spending many years encouraging the researchers to take a closer look at those experiences that mimic the NDE.

Kenneth Ring Ph.D. was the first NDE researcher who applied a strict scientific methodology to his study in the early 1980s. I contacted him and told him my story and how my experience during the eulogy was identical to other NDEs.

He documented my experience in his book, Heading Toward Omega.


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After that, other researchers included my account in their books on near-death experiences and slowly, my type of experience was becoming recognized.

My work paid off when one day, I learned that IANDS had incorporated into their mission statement the words “and other similar experiences.” I was elated!

But I knew there was more work to be done to get the word out to the general public about other experiences that mimic the NDE.

No one had published a complete book researching the spiritually transformative experience. So I did it. I included the personal accounts of individuals who also gave me permission to publish their contact information in the event that readers would like to contact them.

My book, Divine Moments: Ordinary People Having Spiritually Transformative Experiences has been well received and has been translated and published in Germany as well as the USA. 

To sum up my feelings about our future, I believe that humanity is at the door of a wake-up call that beckons the spirit to arise and start anew. In doing so, we will learn to grow and harness the power of love, the glue that holds the universe together.

If I have been a helping hand for others to travel the path of self-transcendence, then my service to God and others will have been realized. Love is the answer, love is the way. Love is the communicator. Love is the appreciation and glorification of God.

If anyone is interested in Nancy’s ongoing research on spiritually transformative experiences, she would appreciate hearing your story. (Please, no near-death experiences will be considered).

Email her at and she will reply as soon as possible.

You can also visit her website at

Nancy Clark has written the following books:

            Hear His Voice: The Light’s Message for Humanity

            My Beloved: Messages from God’s Heart to Your Heart

            Divine Moments: Ordinary People Having Spiritually Transformative Experiences

            Stop Trying to Fix Me: I’m Grieving as Fast as I Can

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