Friday, August 18, 2017

Have you ever had the feeling that someone or something is just not good for you? By all appearances, things are ok. The person may present well, and others may think he or she is great, but you just can’t shake the feeling that something’s not quite right. Truth is, you may be picking up on what is really going on with them, beneath the surface, and your energy is telling you to not engage. Your intuition may be protecting you.

When I was a girl, my mother worked in the business of encyclopedias and she admired a man she worked with, named Gary because he was hardworking. Gary sold a lot of books. However, whenever he visited our home, my sister and I didn’t like being around him, at all. We thought he was creepy. He didn’t behave in a creepy way, in fact, he was pleasant, and even bought us gifts. It was just something we sensed about him enough times to mention it to our mum, but she couldn’t understand why we felt this way.



Years later, when my sister and I were grown and had children of our own, we discovered from reading the newspaper, that Gary had been in the courts. He was convicted of molesting children and imprisoned. Our mother was terribly shocked by the awful news. My sister and I were not so surprised. It merely explained what we had felt about him, all those years ago.

This tale leads on to Jenine, a beautiful, artistic woman, who likes to laugh a lot. She is now in her forties, but her remarkable story, of how she was protected from impending danger by a guardian angel, occurred when she was a young university student. In her own words, Jenine shares how she intuitively felt she should stay away from a man who came to move into her social circle, but she didn’t act on her hunch. That is, until, a memorable encounter with an illuminated spirit persuaded her to take notice.



More than twenty years ago, when I was a university student, at age nineteen, an acquaintance of mine, John, and I decided we’d become housemates. One Sunday afternoon, we viewed a house to rent, close to the beach and not far from the city. I hardly knew John. He was a friend of a friend and I’d seen him here and there for about a year. He was about thirty years old.

An agent showed us through this big family house. It was two-storey and colonial style, with a lovely garden. There were lots of trees and I really loved it. I could imagine children living in this house – it felt light, warm, and happy. On the ground floor were the kitchen and a large living area. To the left side of this was a staircase, leading up to the second floor, where the bedrooms were situated. The agent stayed in the kitchen while John went upstairs to inspect the bedrooms. I was on the ground floor, at the bottom of the stairs, about to ascend them.

When I went to put my foot on the first step, something compelled me to look up to the landing, like I was being called, in silence. There, I saw a luminous figure; an elegant, elderly lady with a mass of white hair, wearing a white flowing, floor-length gown. Light surrounded her and everything about her was white. It was as if she was illuminated from within. Our eyes met, but she looked into me rather than at me, and she looked into me knowingly. She was only there for a few seconds and then she disappeared.



In that short time, I understood from her, completely: No!  This was communicated to me telepathically. I sensed it and I understood her message clearly. She was calm and serene but most definite – she did not want me there. I knew that seeing her was a strong warning for me to not live in the house.

When I saw the lady of light, John came out of a room and saw her too. He would have seen her from her side, as she was facing me. We looked at each other and we understood we’d shared something supernatural. “Did you see that?” he said. I simply nodded my head. I felt reserved somehow, most likely because I was trying to integrate what had happened.

We then went to meet with the agent again. John liked the house but I made up some excuse about how I couldn’t afford it because I was a university student. “It’s just not right for me,” I told the agent. Later, out in the garden, John and I, once again, acknowledged the lady of light. We agreed, the house just wasn’t right for us.



From that moment on, my intuition told me not to share a house with John, absolutely, and I never did. In time, I discovered he was a fraudster and a child molester. He also had connections with the mafia. But before I knew this of him, and after the failed house-sharing attempt, we remained irregular acquaintances. John went on to stalk me and six other women. I would come home to find him in my house, uninvited, and this happened many times. Once, I even found him crouching behind my couch.

John told people he was a stockbroker when he wasn’t, and even cheated my father and me out of money. That’s when the FBI approached me. They knew what he was involved in, but the only way to convict him was to charge him with fraud. I testified against John, in court, and helped to put him away in prison for six years. The court case was a couple of years after seeing the lady of light.



I saw John for the very first time when I was eighteen years old. I went to a hotel to pick up my sister, at the end of her work shift – she was a bartender there. When I entered the hotel, I saw John standing with a group of people, by a fireplace. I didn’t know any of them but I looked right at him, and something immediately shouted at me: Keep away from this guy! 

Looking back on the incident with the lady of light, at the time, I thought she was connected to the house, like a deceased grandmother, in spirit. Now, I think she may have been my guardian angel. Whoever she was, she stopped me from living with John, which would have been a bad outcome for me.

Thanks, Jenine, for sharing this very personal experience with us. And thank God that lovely lady of light was watching out for you. We could all pay more attention to our hunches. Your intuition can save you from harm. Note: the names in this account have been changed to protect the identities of those involved.

Have you ever had a guardian angel intervene in your earthly affairs, protecting you from impending danger? What was your angel like? How about an intuition that has kept you or a loved one safe? I’d love to hear about it.

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