Saturday, December 16, 2017

free spirited woman holding a white scarf behind herself midair

Have you been feeling frazzled lately? Would you rather be on holiday, far from it all, so you don’t have to answer another call, another text, or resolve yet another issue?

Well… Take a week off from the grind. You deserve it! Turn off your phone (even for part of the day) and immerse yourself in the beauty of nature, every day. It will revitalise you. And… you can do it, pretty much for free depending on where you choose to go.

Whether you hang out in your garden at home or at a park, or by a river, sea, or mountain; wherever the beauty of nature abounds… just get yourself there! Even if you have to take noisy children with you, you can still enjoy the healing power of nature.


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Nature is nourishing & healing

Nature is a source of abundant pleasure. It ignites our imagination. It makes our hearts feel grateful. It brings our mind into the moment, quite naturally. When we’re in the moment, we aren’t worrying about what has been, what might be… or what someone may think about us.

Rather, we are in the primal act of observing. And a surrender occurs. We’re simply sensing our environment, appreciating what we’re experiencing, and recognising we are part of something greater than our daily concerns – this brings us healing.


white wildflowers


Nature is beautiful

Aside from providing us humans and other creatures with endless resources and possibilities, from which we are nourished and supported, nature is intrinsically beautiful. We are instinctively attracted to nature’s perfection.

Colours, lines, shapes, and patterns are a source of constant delight and a reminder that nature is highly ordered and intelligent. There exists in nature a vast spectrum of sounds, scents, textures, and tastes that are captivating.


vintage beach scene


Nature is life

Nowadays, so much of what surrounds us is man-made/woman-made, or machine-made like furniture, walls, ceilings, doors, machinery, and devices – which are often lifeless. Nature is never stagnant – it is alive. It may deteriorate but it renews itself.

A scene in nature is never still, nor is the light that falls onto the scene, or the wind, even if you return to it at the same time every day – something about it is different. Nature is forever changing. We can enjoy observing the beauty of life in countless cycles.


blue sky & autumn coloured tree top


Nature is spiritual

There is a divinely ordered intelligence to nature that has us in awe. And though in our minds we may separate ourselves from nature, believing we are in ownership of it, the truth is – we never are. We are, in fact, very dependent upon nature. We are nature, and divinely enigmatic.

We are intertwined in nature’s vast, meticulous and endless network. We belong to nature’s seasons and rhythms. We may observe ourselves in every aspect of its story – life, death, and resurrection.


woman in long white dress standing on a rock at dusk


Nature is inspirational

Nature inspires our sense of wonder because it displays endless possibilities. If you’re stuck on ideas, go for a walk in nature. If you’re feeling stuck in life, go for lots of walks in nature. You will become unstuck. It’s impossible not to have new ideas when immersed in nature.

Many of the greatest writers throughout history gained inspiration from regular walks in the woods or by the sea. When we take the time to appreciate reflections of the divine in nature, we are rewarded by expressions of creativity.


The Power of Nature collage

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Nature is a gift and there’s no better gift to give to yourself than time spent in nature. By growing a garden at home, you can feel inspired every time you look out a window or walk out the door. If there’s no space for a garden, get a pot and plant it with your favourite flowers.

Take a dog for a walk through a park with big, beautiful trees. Go bushwalking or hiking or meander along a shoreline. Watch a sunset by the soothing surf. Look up at the sky, frequently. Feel an intimate connection with the whole of creation, and be restored!

I’d love to hear about your experiences in nature. If you’re in need of a break from the daily grind, stepping out into nature will replenish you. Give it a try!

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