Monday, January 08, 2018

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A few things …

Welcome to my new blog category called A Few Things. This category is about sharing a few extra things with you, whenever a few things arise. I wanted to start A Few Things by sharing my new Where The Light Lives Book Trailer with you.

Firstly, a brief summary of my book:

Where The Light Lives is a beautifully written account of a young woman’s extraordinary visionary experiences. Diagnosed with a painful and humiliating disease of the spine, Linda Cull wanted to die. Without even nearly dying, she then had a series of encounters with a dazzling light-being that transformed her life. Similar to the classic near-death experience, Linda’s sense of being flooded with lessons from a transcendent source awakened her artistic imagination, which launched her on a career as a brilliant painter. Her book is a document of hope to all and should expand the horizons of human psychology.” -Michael Gross


Where The Light Lives book trailer

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I really had great fun creating the Where The Light Lives Book Trailer!

I wanted a book trailer for the actual release date of my book, but after all the costs involved with manuscript editing, book design, and the development of this website, I just didn’t want to spend any more money. Professional book trailers are often in excess of a thousand dollars.

So, recently, I did some research…and happily, discovered a free video-making tool offered by Microsoft called Story Remix which ticked all the right boxes.

I used Story Remix to create my very own Where The Light Lives Book Trailer!


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Story Remix

If you have Windows 10 you too can use Story Remix! Go to ‘Photos’ and click on ‘Create’.

Story Remix is a free, easy-to-use video-making tool. It allows for two options. You can 1) edit a new video from start to finish, or 2) view and edit a video made for you.

Story Remix also features music, 3D effects, and more so you can make a visually pleasing book trailer that also delivers the essence of your book.

To learn about what makes for a good book trailer simply Google your favourite authors and then carefully view their book trailers.

Pay particular attention to the length of a book trailer, when text appears, what kind of text it is, and how the images, text, and music move together.

How do the images move? Is there a film? Are there still images? Do these rise, bounce, slide, or fade into view?

Now… you may like to view the Where The Light Lives Book Trailer (below).

Note, it’s my first video ever (and my first upload to YouTube!) so it’s basic but I think, not a bad first effort.

I used a mix of film and still images. I spent $9 on a still image… can you pick which one it is? That’s it. Everything else was sourced from Pixabay for free.

Note, I also used Canva’s animator (from Canva for Work) to create the movement of still images.



If you like the Where The Light Lives Book Trailer, please share it with your friends: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GjKJNvWmlFM

If you’re an author or creative type you may like to give Microsoft’s Windows 10 Story Remix a go if you haven’t already. I’d be interested to hear how it goes!

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