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I would like to introduce you to my spiritual teacher Claire Bourgein, who in her own words will share with you a little about herself and the work she does.

Claire has been my mentor for many years and has impacted my life in the best ways imaginable. She has touched a lot of different people’s lives, working quietly and tirelessly as a counsellor and meditation instructor.

I was first referred to Claire by a naturopath named Dawn, almost twenty years ago, when I was feeling somewhat directionless about my job prospects following university. I was then hoping for a clairvoyant to come along and tell me exactly what I would be doing, career-wise, in my future.

Fortunately, this didn’t transpire and I got Claire instead, a straight-talking mindfulness master. As her student, I learnt a great deal, particularly, about how to be present in my daily life and to take courage on the things that really matter to me.

One of the biggest lessons I ever learned from my teacher was to stop wasting energy on past hurts or the imagined future. She taught me to focus on what is before me and to be conscious of my thoughts, feelings, words, intentions, and actions; to appreciate what I am, and what I have, and to create from that moment.

I have never met anyone who lives as authentically as Claire does, and I am especially pleased that she has agreed to a series of interviews with me, so I can share with you, some of her wisdom. Welcome, Claire!


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I’m 63 and I was born in Dorset, England, but I spent most of my life growing up in Oxford. I come from a large family and I had quite an extraordinary mother, who at an early age was open and receptive, psychically, on every level. She was also very intellectual.

My father was very different, quite conservative. Two different approaches. I remember being very open as a child, seeing and feeling things, and I don’t think most people except for my mother, understood what was going on in any way.

For instance, one day, I was downstairs and I kept feeling my youngest brother. In the end, it was so disturbing, I went to see him in his bunk bed to find that he wasn’t there. Instead, there was a pillow. I woke up my other brother who said he’d gone to the river to meet someone.

I rushed downstairs, opened the sitting-room door, and said to my parents, this is where my brother is. And I told them the exact spot, he’s up a tree with a man. When they got there, it was exactly where he was and he was just about to be molested by this man.

I was often sick with bronchitis and pneumonia in my childhood and I remember being really sick once when I was about eight. Quite a few Buddhist monks left Tibet in the 1950s and some went to India and some to England. In the 1960s, some stayed with us until they knew where they were going.

There were a few of them there on that day. One of them came and tapped me on the head. He looked at me and said, “One day you will teach the new Buddhism.” “Oh yeah,” I said, not knowing what he was talking about. That was interesting because it was how it evolved.

Lots of things like that happened to me as a child. I used to cry a lot until someone told me one day: “The tears you cry are not yours.” And then it slowly started to dawn on me that I picked up on other people’s energies and I was highly intuitive. 

I was very emotionally open as a child and I got hurt very easily, so before I could do this kind of work, I had to learn how to centre myself and deal with my own emotions. It took many years to learn how to centre myself. Luckily, many great people helped me along the way.


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I’m a spiritual counsellor but I don’t like to label it, rather it’s a mixture of things I do. I’ve been doing it for about thirty years and I’ve developed my own way of working with people.

When I first set off, I worked as a clairvoyant but I soon realised that it’s not a good thing to just tell people where they’re going – it’s not really what they want. They think it is, but it’s not. And quite often people hang onto every word you say.

I’ve seen people who have been to clairvoyants totally distressed by what they have been told. I don’t wish to work in those ways. If I do see something that I think is necessary to say, I will say it, but very rarely.

I see myself as a facilitator. I see people. I’m very good at picking up where people are coming from regardless of what they tell me. I read where people are at, and then, I talk to them and ask questions, like where they’re going and what they want. From there I give people techniques to do to change their lives. I believe, that if we want change we must be the change.

I’m clairvoyant, clairsentient, and clairaudient. What happens to me is I have energy go straight through me. As soon as I feel that, I know it hasn’t anything to do with me. It’s about the energy going through me, which I perceive as God’s energy. I literally feel it. I don’t always feel it, but when I do, I know exactly what I need to do for a person who has come to see me.

I teach meditation and I help people to train their minds so they are able to be more centred in themselves. I do believe that the way we think has a huge impact on the way we live our lives – far greater than most people realise. I do believe we are what we think. We are what we eat. We are what we breathe.



I’ve been to India three times, it’s a wonderful place. It’s very beautiful and the people are really lovely. I spent about three months in a Sai Baba ashram when my son was six, it was fantastic!

I remember asking when I walked into the place, Please God show me what I most need to learn, to know where to go. And the first thing Sai Baba said when I walked in was: “Way, way beyond meditation, where are your thoughts?”

I thought, Yes, you have given me my answer. It’s about the power of your thoughts. You get what you see. Your thoughts create your reality. And really, every moment should be a meditation. Your thoughts should be clear, centred, and life-giving.

I came to Australia over thirty years ago and have helped a lot of people since then. There are certain people along the way who have also had a huge impact on me, from individuals to Sai Baba, to monks. I’d been working very hard on myself in England but things in Australia had a huge impact on me. I got married and had a beautiful boy who is now twenty-five.

Thanks, Claire for sharing your story with us! It is always interesting to me, just how often spiritual teachers have a difficult start to life until they mature and learn to master their personal power, and in turn, are then able to assist others to do the same. It’s a difficult path. You may understand just how difficult, if you too were particularly sensitive as a child, like Claire, or you have a child who is.

You may like to learn more about how Claire and I first met – on the spiritual plane, out-of-body, before we met in the flesh, for real! In my book, Where The Light Lives I describe our magical encounter when Claire guided me through a life-changing life review and preview. It was one of my most amazing spiritual experiences ever.

Next month’s interview with Claire > will be on anger, forgiveness, and boundaries.

If there is a question you would like to ask her, please email content@lindacull.com.

If you would like to request a private consultation with Claire visit spiritinaction.com.au


Claire Bourgein’s teachings are available on iTunes. Her first meditation CD is titled, With Meditation in Mind. This CD is useful for beginners and avid meditators. The meditation is written and spoken by Claire, the music is composed by Emma Jayakumar, and is produced and arranged by Tommaso Pollio. Emma and Tommaso have been involved with the classical music scene for over twenty years and run the Children’s Opera Company, ‘Lark Chamber Opera’. For more info, click here

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