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Universal energy

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Welcome to Spirit my way’s fourth and final talk with Claire Bourgein about your essential nature. Haven’t we all wondered, what am I? Am I more than flesh, blood, bones, and brain? Yes! Absolutely. You are universal energy!

Who better to divulge the authentic energetic you than a true spiritual master. Someone who walks her talk 24/7. Claire Bourgein has been a spiritual counsellor and meditation teacher for more than 30 years and has quietly helped transform the lives of countless people.

Meeting Claire in my early twenties was a blessed turning point in my life. You can read about it in my book Where The Light Lives. It was truly magical! I went from blaming God and others for my difficult experiences and feelings to then owning and transforming them.


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I hope today’s talk and Claire’s short series of teachings inspire your self-love journey. If it’s your first-time to Spirit my way, you may like to discover Claire’s previous talks:

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Now, here’s more of Claire’s wise words …


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What am I?

You are pure consciousness. Your cosmic self is known as Atma (a Sanskrit word for soul). It is universal energy; the light of life and contains no attributes.

The individual consciousness is the ‘light bulb’ and the beam of light that radiates from the ‘lamp’ is the spirit. The spirit possesses qualities.

How much light radiates from a lamp depends on how much energy the light bulb is able to receive. Spirit and consciousness are not the self, but the emanation of the self.

The Atma is the essence of God – an indistinguishable flame. The Atma, the self, is never born; it is eternal, divine, and unchanging. It does not need to develop. It is complete, totally.

Only consciousness must be purified.

The human body, sense organs, intellect, and mind are the tools of the Atma.

Great beings can access great amounts of Atma. They open themselves up to it.


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What am I made of?

99 percent of the mass of the human body is made up of six elements:

  1. Carbon
  2. Hydrogen
  3. Oxygen
  4. Nitrogen
  5. Calcium
  6. Phosphorus

85 percent is composed of another five elements:

  1. Potassium
  2. Sulfur
  3. Chlorine
  4. Sodium
  5. Magnesium

Every element aside from hydrogen is essentially stardust. You are stars. You are atoms, electrons, molecules, and protons. You are a fragment of universal consciousness through an individual entity veiled in matter.


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You have four energetic bodies: Subtle, Gross, Causal and Great Causal. These bodies are not you. They are like ‘containers’.

1. The Subtle Body – is the body of the mind and the vital energies that keep the body alive. Together with the Causal Body, it is the transmigrating soul. It separates from the Gross Body upon death.

The Subtle Body is composed of five subtle elements:

  • the five organs of perception – eyes, ears, skin, tongue, and nose;
  • the five organs of action – speech, hands, legs, anus, and genitals;
  • the five-fold breath – vital breath, prana, respiration, evacuation of waste from the body/blood, circulation, actions like sneezing, crying, vomiting, digestion
  • the intellect, discriminating wisdom
  • the mind

2. The Gross Body – is the material, physical, mental body that eats, breathes, moves, and acts. It is composed of many diverse components produced by one’s karma (actions in a past life). It uses the body’s external and internal organs of sense and action. Its waking state enjoys gross objects. On its body rests wo/man’s contact with the external world.

3. The Causal Body – is affected by attachment and detachment. It contains the impressions of experience which result from past experiences. It’s basically the seeds of the Subtle and Gross Bodies.

4. The Great Causal Body – the fourth body isn’t really known – it’s the fourth state. It contains the knowledge of I am.


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Energy centres

You have seven major energy centres (but you’ve also got lots of other ones) called chakras:

  • Root
  • Solar Plexus
  • Heart
  • Throat
  • Third Eye
  • Crown

Poor living congests the chakras because each of them is connected to different organs and systems – these become sluggish.

Healthy living includes being spiritually open, eating the right foods, drinking clean water, and things like that. This has a big effect on your chakras.

If you’re clean then they will vibrate at a higher level. And that’s what we’re all about, learning to vibrate at a higher level.

You keep them open, clean, and receptive by living in harmony – clean living. That’s the most important thing – to be clean – in thought, speech, and action. Do good. See good. Hear good. Feel good. All those things. If we do those then our chakras will be in harmony.

Most people don’t examine their intents – for example, say you’re lacking in a relationship in your life and you really want a relationship and you don’t know why you keep attracting certain types of relationships – then maybe you need to see where your thoughts are and what you’re doing to attract those things – think differently and do different things to make your life more harmonious.


Universal energy

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Daily cleansing technique

  1. Start to have a relationship with your breath with a 20-minute daily mediation. Breathing more slowly is very important. It changes the mindset. It helps you to be happier and more constant – it can change the way we feel and our perception.
  2. Keep your thoughts clean. By using words and sayings that are harmonic, so they’re neutral – they help us to keep in harmony. This is very important – you have to literally watch and monitor your thoughts. If you have bad thoughts you have to render them totally ineffective by the systematic cultivation of good thoughts. It takes effort. It’s your choice – you have a great opportunity in this life to change – to become who you truly are. You have to pull out by the roots all those thoughts and feelings that don’t serve you.
  3. Eat and drink life-giving food and water.


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Life and death

The point of life is to find peace and happiness. Earth is the planet of feeling. We come here to have experience through our feeling.

Love is the be-all and end-all of everything. Love has its own energy and you have to awaken it and then you will feel it and it will completely change you forever.

Upon death, the subtle and causal bodies separate from the gross body – your transmigrating soul connects to your soul/Atma – that can show itself in different forms of self.

Imagine this huge entity and millions and millions of little atoms have come off from it – so we can each have our own flavour but we’re all part of the whole thing. We want to get back to that. You are an individual unit of consciousness but a part of the whole.

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