Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Blue sign, lace and pearls

I have collected my top 10 pearls of spiritual wisdom and displayed them below, hoping you will draw inspiration from them. These are the lasting impressions I have gained from having many spiritual experiences – out-of-body experiences, visions, and other remarkable experiences of consciousness, over many years, upon which I often reflect and benefit by. Enjoy!

Inspirational quote and man praying in nature


Inspirational quote & mountain summit


Inspirational quote & young woman looking at girls looking at her older self through a doorway in a book


Inspirational quote & girl gazing upon a starry night


Inspirational quote & pearl in golden bowl



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Inspirational quote & heavenly vortex


Inspirational quote & other-world landscape; river & mountains


Inspirational quote & young woman blowing love-hearts from her hand


Inspirational quote & flying angel carrying a baby on back


Inspirational quote & white lotus flower


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