Friday, November 16, 2018

White feathered angel wing

Spirit my way’s header image (top) is of my artwork Encounter with an Angel which was painted in 2012 by a method known as spontaneous inspired creativity.

I also painted a second angelic work: Encounter with Angels which was similar in colour and style.

The inspiration behind both artworks was an encounter I had with very real angels!!

Angels are real, they truly exist


An angelic encounter is described in my book Where The Light Lives :

As I marvelled at this splendid being that glistened with exceptional beauty, more angels appeared before me. Then more angels appeared still, until my entire view was a tranquil sea of transcendent luminosity. These divine energies were indescribably the most exquisite lights, shining as do the most perfect crystals in the most perfect sunlight.

I felt the angels’ generosity of spirit and their unconditional love for me pulsate outwards and into my being, like heartbeats in unison throughout eternity. Peace permeated every fissure of my being. I thought, Angels are real, they truly exist!

The book Where The Light Lives



“Journeying into the Light with Linda is the closest you can get to heaven while you are still breathing.”

-Anthony Grzelka


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Angels deliver messages straight from heaven

Angelic communications are received by people intuitively, telepathically, or symbolically; during dreams, visions, and out-of-body experiences, but also in everyday terms – such as inspiration.

These messages are blessings from heaven and may help you when making life choices and through difficult times. They may herald great things to come or protect you or a loved one from harm.


Encounter with Angels_Pin It!

PIN IT! Blue angel: Photo by Maxwell Hamilton on Foter.com

Angels work behind the scenes of life

Angels work behind the scenes of your life as caring guardians do. They love and support you through good and bad times. However, if they so choose to, angels may show themselves to you in plain day. Read More.

Angels are concerned with your wellbeing no matter who you are or what the circumstances of your life may be. And they are concerned with the collective welfare of humanity including planet Earth 24/7.

You may not be able to tell angels apart from ordinary folk, or in contrast, they may exhibit outstanding features and abilities. Angels may even appear to you with celestial feathered wings.

In all instances, angels arrive at pertinent times: to save a life; to support a change in life, or to lend a helping hand. And when the time comes for you (or a loved one) to die, angels will assist your soul’s transition to heaven.


Orbs of angelic light


Angels are glorious beings of light

Angels have never incarnated as human beings. They are God’s messenger guardians and have an awareness of your soul’s higher purpose. They are completely in awe of God’s light that lives in you.

Angels are made of pure spiritual energy. That means they aren’t restricted by physical laws; they can be in multiple places at once, occupying vastly complex spectrums of light and sound.

Pray to the angels, they hear you. Ask them, they will help you!

Lorna Byrne is an Irish lady who has encountered angels all of her life. She is the author of the international bestselling book Angels in My Hair. Watch her remarkable story:


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