Thursday, March 07, 2019

Brass bed in the cloudy sky

Sometimes our dearly departed visit us in our dreams or we visit them on the spiritual plane while our body sleeps, just so we can receive spiritual messages, as was Julienne’s experience:

“Aunty Pat was my father’s only sibling. She had been dead for a few years and I was living at a place called Camira Creek, New South Wales (NSW), in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by state forest.

I was asleep one night when I woke up to hear her asking me to go outside. I got up and went out and saw a vision of her but really tall like a big statue.

She had always been a really beautiful woman but in her later years, she was overweight. I now saw her as slim and looking to be in her twenties.

She wore a 40s-style suit which my mother later told me was a suit Pat had made from an ex-air force uniform, after the war. Apparently, they did this as the fabric was scarce. She looked lovely.

Aunty Pat must have read my mind. She was a bit huffy and told me that she hadn’t always been fat, so why would she appear like that?

She then held a baby boy in her arms and told me this is how she was coming back soon. She was going to be born to her only son, my cousin named Patrick, and his wife.

I told Aunty Pat that Patrick’s wife didn’t want kids and she laughed and said, “Too bad!”


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A few years later, I was passing through Darwin and waiting in line at the post office to pick up my mail when Patrick tapped me on the shoulder.

I never realised he was in Darwin but he was living and working there. He told me he had a son named Timothy.

I ended up staying a few days at his place and meeting Tim who was three. The timing was right so I knew he was the boy Aunty Pat had shown me.

I never saw Timothy again, although, I saw Patrick a few times until he was here in NSW going to a play that a mutual relative had written and was performing in.

He had cancer and was in remission.

He looked very striking and had a wonderful, peaceful air about him.

I could see light all around him and realised he would die soon although he didn’t think he would.

He died not long after in China.”


Julienne's after-death communication collage

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