Friday, September 20, 2019
Enter the studio via the back lane

Please enter the studio via the back lane…

My artsy friends and I left Fi Wilkie’s studio buzzing and walked along a charming country back lane where shrubs spilled over fence tops. Next on our Margaret River Region Open Studios agenda: Emily Jackson’s art studio! Known widely for her amazing printmaking of local nature, we couldn’t wait to see where she created.


Emily Jackson's rustic shed


We entered a neat rustic garden through a side gate with a blue art studio situated to the left. Opposite it stood a cute little shed with a woodpile. There were metal and stone sculptures and a chicken coop that blended into the garden.


Emily Jackson's backyard metal art


Off in the near distance and unobtrusive was Emily’s house. Meandering shrubs and trees gave an effect of the studio occupying sacred space, intentionally separated from the everyday functionalities of domestic life.


Emily Jackson's backyard metal & stone art


Everywhere I looked I had a sense of order, mindfulness, and tranquillity. The eye didn’t catch on anything but flowed through effortlessly. And there was a purpose to the placement of things.


Emily Jackson's art studio


This purpose of placement was apparent in Emily’s artworks that graced her studio walls. Her use of colour, line, flora, and fauna was deliberate and precise. A testament to her focus and technical skill.


Inside Emily Jackson's art studio


Emily Jackson is best known for her printmaking, etching, and drawing. Her unique designs are exquisitely intricate and meticulous. Furthermore, she is a talented graphic designer with over 20 years of experience.


Inside Emily Jackson's art studio


Emily created this year’s logo and event guide for the Margaret River Region Open Studios > see the vibrant marketing material > that’s her work!


Emily Jackson's art table


I didn’t meet Emily because she was at the Readers and Writer’s Festival (yes, Margaret River is hip and happening!), however, I very much felt her connection to the natural world via her art and the balance and harmony of her sacred garden. Very inspiring!


Emily Jackson's printing press


Emily Jackson Art is for sale via her website and Jah Roc Galleries, Margaret River. All artworks are limited editions.


Studio visitor viewing Emily Jackson's prints


Emily Jackson’s Website | Instagram


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