Friday, November 15, 2019

Rainbow across an open sky

Heavenly tomato seeds

Do they mean anything in particular to you? Spring, perhaps? Growing those big juicy red fruits in your back garden. Sunshine. Summer salads. Pasta sauce. For me, they’re a hello from heaven!

My dad, who died a couple of years ago, in life, was perhaps one of the best tomato growers on earth. True. You’ve never tasted a better tomato than one grown by my dad.

And he loved sharing his produce with family, friends, and neighbours. Huge, fleshy, scrumptious tomato – a meal. Add a bit of salt, bite into it, juicy, and you’re transported to some kind of tomato heaven.

These weren’t your average kind of Bunnings variety tomatoes. Rather, they were grown from seeds originally brought into Australia by my dad (yes, smuggled…) from Croatia back in the 1960s.

The seeds were cherished. Planted. Eaten. Dried. Saved. Shared. They brought something of the old country to our new land upon which we feasted and celebrated for decades. Truly, these tomatoes built community – they had superpowers!

They even told me what they thought of the man who would become my husband: I arrived home after our first date and there, piled high at the kitchen sink, ripe and ready to devour, dad’s tomatoes like a beacon of approval. (The previous boyfriend got a bag full of lemons!)


Hello from heaven Pin It! collage

Pin It!

Dad’s after-death communication

So, you can imagine the emotion I felt when in late January, following my dad’s passing (in September), I went to a drawer in my bedroom to retrieve sticky labels for my kids’ school books, and unexpectedly discovered an envelope with magic inside.

From the outside the envelope was blank but when I looked inside I saw a photo of my dad and me, one which I’d wanted to show at his funeral service back but couldn’t find, and a smaller envelope, tucked inside, filled with dad’s treasured tomato seeds.

Oh, how the emotion swelled up in me because that day also happened to be dad’s birthday. He would have been 83. At that moment, I felt his undying love for me. Finding the envelope with a happy picture of us together and his seeds was a great big nourishing hello from dad in heaven!

Yes, the magic really is in the timing. Ordinary things delivered with exceptional timing. Ordinary things that mean something to someone (if only you). This is how heaven speaks to us. This is how our dearly departed say hello and tell us they’re OK in heaven.

As much as we think of them, they think of us. I cannot tell you how many times my dad has communicated with me via tomatoes and tomato seeds since his passing – I’ve lost count! And always with impeccable timing. It always stops me in my tracks.


Angelic girl painting a rainbow in the sky


Spirit signs and messages from heaven

There are myriad ways family and friends communicate their enduring love and the soul’s survival after death which has a healing and transformative effect upon your life.

You may sense their presence, hear their voice, feel their touch or smell their fragrance. You may see them as an apparition or in a dream; receive a symbolic message, sign, meaningful coincidence, or synchronicity.

Prayer, meditation, contemplation or simply being in the flow of daily activities help align you to your loved one in spirit. Creating a sacred place in your garden or home where you can talk to them in a heartfelt manner helps open the channels of communication.

Often, what your dearly departed wants for you is peace, and to know they have transitioned, that they’re happy. And that you will be together again, but until then, they want you to go on and enjoy your life; to not be entrenched in grief.

Children who have passed especially want to let their parents know they are being cared for by soul family in heaven and they may go to great lengths to communicate their soul’s survival and spiritual connection to them.



Accept into your heart those unexpected miracles – often small, private miracles brimming with personal meaning for you – lights, rainbows, birds, butterflies, feathers, flowers, music, and numbers. They’re a hello from heaven!

Acknowledging spirit messages and signs with gratitude communicates to your loved one in spirit that you have received their love. It brings joy and perhaps closure to them. They may be in need of healing too. They may want your forgiveness, to say thank you or goodbye.

I am grateful for my dad’s after-death communication. It strengthens me and helps me through my grief which moves in waves of remembering. I feel supported by him, still, and know we are connected beyond the physical world, he continues in spiritual form, and he has arrived “home”.

Here is another example of after-death communication by an Australian lady named Julienne. Sometimes our dearly departed visit us in dreams or we visit them on a spiritual plane while our body sleeps, just so we can receive their spiritual message.


Refracted light on a hand


Julienne’s Hello from Heaven

Aunty Pat was my father’s only sibling. She had been dead for a few years and I was living at a place called Camira Creek, New South Wales (NSW), in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by state forest. I was asleep one night when I woke up to hear her asking me to go outside. I got up and went out and saw a vision of her but really tall like a big statue.

She had always been a really beautiful woman but in her later years, she was overweight. I now saw her as slim and looking to be in her twenties. She was wearing a 40s style suit which my mother later told me was a suit Pat had made from an ex-air force uniform, after the war. Apparently, they did this as the fabric was scarce. She looked lovely.

Aunty Pat must have read my mind. She was a bit huffy and told me that she hadn’t always been fat, so why would she appear like that? She then held a baby boy in her arms and told me this is how she was coming back soon. She was going to be born to her only son, my cousin named Patrick, and his wife. I told Aunty Pat that Patrick’s wife didn’t want kids and she laughed and said, “Too bad!”

A few years later, I was passing through Darwin and waiting in line at the post office to pick up my mail when Patrick tapped me on the shoulder. I never realised he was in Darwin but he was living and working there. He told me he had a son named Timothy. I ended up staying a few days at his place and meeting Tim who was three. The timing was right so I knew he was the boy Aunty Pat had shown me.

I never saw Timothy again, although, I saw Patrick a few times until he was here in NSW going to a play that a mutual relative had written and was performing in. He had cancer and was in remission. He looked very striking and had a wonderful, peaceful air about him. I could see light all around him and realised he would die soon although he didn’t think he would. He died not long after in China.


Hearts of coloured lights


Hello from Heaven – the book!

One of my favourite spiritual books is Hello from Heaven! co-authored by Bill Guggenheim and Judy Guggenheim. It’s an excellent read, published in English and 18 other languages, and filled with many heart-warming after-death communication stories.

Bill and Judy are researchers who first coined the term after-death communication (ADC). There are 353 ADCs featured in Hello from Heaven! selected from 3,300 first-hand accounts the authors gathered over seven years from the US and Canada.

The accounts were arranged into different ADC types and include a short summary or conclusion after each which is especially helpful if you’re coming to the subject of ADCs for the first time.



Hello from Heaven synchronicity!

You can imagine my happy surprise when with a few chapters of Hello from Heaven! left to read, I received an email from Bill Guggenheim – out of the blue – telling me how much he enjoyed reading my book. Well, hello! It made my day!


Book Where The Light Lives buy now banner


Quite a synchronicity, don’t you think? And I do looove synchronicities! So, what were the chances of Bill and me reading each other’s books at exactly the same time, me in Perth, Australia, and Bill in Florida, USA, having never met before?

Magic really is in the timing!

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