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Poems © Duncan Reddington

About the poet

The poems Being, Between, and Father were written by Duncan Reddington (Swami Devam Prabodhi) from Cambridge, UK. In his words: 

The event of real significance (in my life) was picking up the Darshan Diary of the mystic Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh in the library at Leyton, East London, in 1982.

Reading, I found the Nirvana Meditation Centre off Edgware Road, also in London, and I walked into the meditation room for the first time.

I took sannyas from Bhagwan’s people at the Medina Meditation and Therapy Centre in 1983, becoming Swami Prabodhi. I even made it to the Ranch, the U.S commune in Oregon County, in 1986.

The closest I got to Bhagwan, soon to become Osho, was about a hundred metres – that was way close enough. What energy!

My abiding guilt trip dragged me back into the world in 1987 – seduced again by the perpetual and phony ‘success’ trip.

It cost me two breakdowns – even the dreaming spires of Cambridge proved toxic.

Returning to Cambridge a second time, about five years ago, Osho appeared in my consciousness again – this time for keeps.

My real growth has begun. He blossoms to this day, and these words are part of my response.

At last, I walk the Path.





It is not the having

It is not the doing

It is the being.


It is not the image

It is not the personality

It is the energy.


It is not the following

It is not the leading

It is the devotion.


It is not the form

It is not the line

It is the space.


It is not the word

It is not the phrase

It is the silence.





Sailing in the darkness between lives

In the company of a billion souls

Drifting toward their destinies

You know what you will do

You know, but it is hidden from you

Let it be done, then move on

A trillion stars glitter in the gloom

Their stories within them, emerging from karma

Some will move forever

Some will become eternally still

Beyond all force, all human will

Amazingly sentient, in the eye of the storm.





All those things you never said

Echo deep within.

Your vibration is my soul

Your masquerade my burden.

Father, fathered by Creation

Ruined by the world’s imagination

Longing to the grave.

I gave you what I could give you.

Such theatres enacted

Behind high walls.

I play you, I display you

In my unconscious moments.

Did you know I loved you?




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