Tuesday, September 22, 2020
When Eve Walked book

Available from all good bookstores!

Welcome to the WHEN EVE WALKED book launch! Woohoo! When Eve Walked is now available from all good bookstores and online book retailers! And that’s something to celebrate!

I’m delighted with my new book and hope you’ll enjoy it too! It’s been an epic journey creating When Eve Walked – a poetry collection about womanhood and spiritual transformation!

My early 20s were abundant with spiritually transformative experiences. It was during this time when I was unfolding my womanhood, I wrote the poems that have become When Eve Walked.

The presence of Spirit generated an abundance of creativity in my life which empowered my womanhood. When Eve Walked is my offering of this remarkable, healing light to you.

Here’s a snippet from the back cover:


When Eve Walked is an exquisite poetry collection that walks through one woman’s journey, and yet archetypally speaks to all women.

There is a certain creative magic that is ignited during and after profound spiritual experiences, and Linda Cull’s ability to capture it through words and weave them onto a page is a gift for any woman who finds herself on a similar path.

Deeply personal and equally inclusive, her poems speak to that primal feminine force we must each explore if we are to embody our true human power.

Nicole Gruel, Ph.D., author of The Power of NOTEs: How Non-Ordinary Transcendent Experiences Transform The Way We Live, Love and Lead


When Eve Walked is available in paperback & ebook

When Eve Walked book


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I am Eve poem

When Eve Walked: Poems – I Am Eve


In three parts: Hidden, Rising, and Risen

When Eve Walked is every woman’s journey to discover her magnificence.


I hope you find something of your own epic journey in the transformation of Eve – the seed in the darkness that one day rises and blooms, offering up her gifts to the world:

Eve falters, falls, and hopes again. It is through the spirit of perseverance, her willingness to live and feel deeply, as her womanhood unfolds, that she becomes self-realised and empowered.

It is by way of an innate spirituality – a process of soul-searching, shedding, and allowing – that the beauty and magic of her spirit are able to shine out; her heart and mind heal.


Venus poem

When Eve Walked: Poems – Venus

Wherever you are and however you arrive at an expression of your divinity, know it is right for you. There are endless ways to Spirit. Like Eve, keep moving, hoping, and dreaming – you will arrive!

When Eve Walked is a great companion to my inspirational memoir Where The Light Lives. I mention there, how creativity (in my case, poetry, and painting) opens doors to the ultra-reality!


Linda celebrating book launch

Linda enjoying a champers!

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