Sunday, January 17, 2021

white clean dining room with large window

It was instilled in me from an early age by my dear parents that how we welcome in a New Year really matters. It sets up energy, intention, and expectation for the year, drawing things, people, and circumstances to us.

If you want a good year where things flow easily and new opportunities arrive, abundantly, it helps to clean, declutter and order your home.

If you’ve had a particularly difficult old year and want to neutralise a stubborn build-up of negativity, you may like to try my super-energy cleanse for your home.

It may supercharge your life. It will certainly purify your home and bring change!


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My super-energy cleanse combines my annual deep clean with three energy-cleansing practices:

  1. Deep Clean Energy-Cleanse
  2. White Sage Energy-Cleanse
  3. Water Energy-Cleanse
  4. White Flowers Energy-Cleanse

*If you’re time-pressed, you may like to do one or a combo of these energy-cleansing practices.


white light clean study with large window


1. Deep Clean Energy-Cleanse

Deep clean your home (even the windows) and order your cupboards and drawers. Get rid of the things you don’t need anymore. Pass items on to family, friends, neighbours, or charities – or simply throw them away.

If you haven’t used something in a year, you probably won’t. Do you really need those mind-cluttering clothes? Shoes? Bags? Electricals? Towels? Linen? Pots? Plastics? Sports gear? Tools? Books? Magazines? Toys? No, you don’t!

Is there anything in your home that upsets you when you see it? Get rid of it! Visit the shed. Visit the garage. Visit the yard. What can you get rid of there? Let  it  go.


hand holding white sage bundle


2. White Sage Energy-Cleanse

Following your super-clean, smudge your house with white sage. This is powerful stuff. Smudging (smoking) your house with white sage helps to neutralise negative vibes and even a ghost or two. 

I use American white sage which is grown traditionally by the Sioux Indians. You can buy it here. Or do a Google search for white sage smudge sticks. I take time to smudge my house thoroughly.

Firstly, burn the end of a white sage bundle and blow the fire out so it smokes. Either hold the white sage bundle carefully or rest it in a ceramic bowl.

Go about every room in your house allowing the smoke to move evenly throughout, into every corner, high and low. Do this with the windows and exterior doors closed; drawers, cupboards, and interior doors open.

*For ultimate effect, let the smoke encircle you but for safety, make sure you can breathe easily and don’t leave the white sage smoking unattended.


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When you’re done smudging your home, open all the windows and let the fresh air in. If you’d like to super-supercharge this practice, you can give thanks as you perform the smoking ritual.

Expressing gratitude in every room of your home sets up your intention for abundance:

My life is abundant and I am grateful for …


bowl of water with 5 floating white flowers


3. Water Energy-Cleanse

For one week (following white sage smudging) and every night before bedtime, fill up a bowl with water for each room of your home. Place a bowl in the middle of the room.

The water will absorb negative energy and purify the room. In the morning, tip the water down a drain. Don’t drink the ‘dirty’ water!

As you discard the water, say:

I let go of all that no longer serves my highest purpose.

*Similarly, you can sleep with a cup of water next to your bed every night and discard it upon waking.


vase of white flowers on a white bench with light-filled windows as backdrop


4. White Flowers Energy-Cleanse

When the water ritual expires, place a vase of white flowers in each room of your home. Leave the flowers in place (there’s no need to change the water) until they wither and die. Then discard them.

If you can’t fit all the energy-cleansing practices into your pre or post-New Year plans, don’t fret. Even doing one of the energy-cleansing practices is beneficial and creates feel-good vibes as you welcome another year brimming with possibilities.

You can do any of the energy-cleansing practices throughout the year and benefit. Another valuable time would be (the weeks leading up to) your birthday when you most feel the karmic energy you were born with. Happy cleansing!

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