Friday, November 19, 2021

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Twelve tips for the aspiring writer this NaNoWriMo! Every story matters.

Let’s start writing yours.


Regardless of your circumstances, it’s your birthright to express yourself freely, and writing is a fabulous way to do this!


You don’t need talent to write – just perseverance. You need to write one word after another. Take one step, then another. Before you know it, you’ve written a paragraph, a chapter, a book.


If you can’t write for some reason then you can dictate your story or knowledge to someone you trust, who can write it on your behalf.


Some people are born writers others need to work at it. We can all learn to do something better if we start and keep at it. We improve the more effort we put in.


You may like to write a poem, letter, article, booklet, or book. In all instances, what makes for good writing is authenticity. Tell it as it is, from your unique perspective.


Give yourself ample days, weeks, months and years to write and re-write – don’t be in a hurry. Your writing will develop a natural rhythm if you let go and trust in the process.


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Always write for yourself firstly – then for others – then there will always be someone who will love to read your words.


Let your writing grow. You don’t need to have it all worked out from the beginning though having some kind of structure will benefit you. But don’t get stuck in the planning.


Enjoy writing. Enjoy words. As you write, you’ll hear a melody to your sentences. It’s beautiful!


Enjoy learning about words – through your own lived experiences of writing over time.


Write regularly. Find time during the day or week that suits you to write, and stick to it. It’ll become a habit.


Just get started!


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