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There are many benefits of connecting with your spirit guides. Talking to your spirit guides is good for your mental health. It is an opportunity for communication between two worlds – the physical and the spiritual. It is also an opportunity for your physical being to meld with the spiritual reality from which you have come and to which you shall return.

Going within yourself and gathering the many spiritual jewels that reside there, and bringing these to bear fruit in your daily life is what you’re here to do. All that is, is birthed within the spiritual. There resides limitless possibility and creativity. There resides the great force that propels your life. There too reside your spirit guides whose own missions are intertwined with yours.


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It is incomprehensible how vast your soul truly is – limitless – eternal. By fostering a relationship with this vastness you will have available to you power beyond any measure. To help you manage this power, to harmonise it with the physical world, you have spirit guides. Become attuned to the comforting support and wise counsel of your spirit guides from which you may benefit daily.


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1. Support

By connecting with your spirit guides you will benefit from their support. You are never in this thing called life, nor death, alone. In truth, you have friends in spirit with you always.

Similar to a mountain adventurer who sets off on a Himalayan trek with Sherpa, you are supported by knowledgeable and resourceful spirit guides whose mission is to support your spiritual ascent.

Connecting with your spirit guides as you navigate your life path fosters greater clarity of heart and mind and will ensure you make good decisions and enjoy fruitful outcomes.

Spirit guides have a relationship with your higher-self and some may even be expressions of it. Therefore, asking for support from your spirit guides is your natural birthright.

At any time, you may ask your spirit guides to help you to improve your relationships, develop ideas, make choices, and foster the courage to act, or for protection.


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2. Friendship 

By connecting with your spirit guides you will benefit from their friendship. The spirit world is built upon relationships and your spirit guides are often your best friends for lifetimes and eternity.

Your spirit friends perform different roles – including the master teacher who has been your mentor for many incarnations, or the teacher who helps you acquire specific skills in this life only.

The guardian who leads you towards the light of heaven when it comes time for your body to die. Or the messenger who in your dreams heralds an event of great significance to come.

Your spirit guides understand your life’s purpose, your gifts, and your aspirations. They understand what challenges you. They also recognise your innate ability to overcome any limitations.

When it comes to matters big and small, believing you have powerful friends in spirit with whom to share your life, and death, may indeed be all you need to move forward with courage.


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3. Guidance

By connecting with your spirit guides you will benefit from their guidance. Spirit guides are God’s light bearers and spiritual messengers; they are the guardians of your soul.

By attuning to your spirit guides you will receive communication to help you navigate the stepping stones of your life. Listen, feel and be aware of the subtle dialogue of your heart.

Have faith in your spirit friends and remember that life is a collaboration between you, your soul, your spirit guides, and Spirit but the choices are yours to make and to live by.

Your spirit guides cannot prevent all your hardships but will offer you guidance through them. Like the stars, they will remind you of your beauty and value, and to hope, for the day will birth, again.

Some hardships may be secret blessings; catalysts for awakenings and transformations. Spirit guides want you to discover what you are: God, love, and limitless possibilities, and will guide you there.


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4. Inspiration

By connecting with your spirit guides you will benefit from inspiration, intuition, creativity, and flow. Spirit guides inspire you by energising and transforming your activities and relationships.

It’s as if heaven speaks through what you think, feel, and do in the world. The inspiration received from spirit guides will fill you with gratitude and wonderment for the natural rhythms of life.

Inspiration may come in myriad ways: hunches, visions, synchronicity, signs, messages, and other happenings, or via people being inspired by your spirit guides to prompt or support you.

If you habitually surrender the part of your mind that is overthinking and analytical and instead allow your feelings to arise and lead you, you will come into the magical flow of inspiration.

Trust in your feelings; your intuition. Catch the inspiration wave and allow the energy to carry you and supercharge your life, attracting the right kind of people and circumstances to you.


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5. Protection

By connecting with your spirit guides you will benefit from their protection. Imagine a golden-white light encircling your being and you shall intuitively experience a spiritual shielding.

If you don’t trust in your intuition, such as feelings telling you to stay away from someone or something, you may encounter a spirit guide or a warning sign that will make you take notice.

Spirit guides protect your physical and spiritual bodies, loved ones, and belongings, however, don’t think of any perceived misfortunes as failures of your spirit guides to care about you, for it isn’t so.

Simply, should it be your soul’s wish for your physical body to be spared from harm, then it shall be. Otherwise, it may be that your soul has subscribed to a different outcome for its learning.

An intervention by a spirit guide, known also as a guardian angel, that protects you from harm or death is extraordinary and takes place to awaken and transform you, and others. It is a gift!


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