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When you feel really inspired things seem to flow easily. New ideas arise readily, you generate an abundance of work, make clever choices, and do fun, creative things. You feel uninhibited and enlarged… intuitive, even. It feels like awesomeness!

Have you ever wondered, where does inspiration come from when you are feeling creative? Does the upsurge of energy originate in your brain or come from somewhere else?

How can you tap into the inspiration often, so it’s a river flowing through you rather than a sprinkler that sometimes turns the flow on and then off again? Don’t we all want to ride the epic wave of inspiration? Absolutely!


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The Himalaya Code: Heart © Linda Cull


I have been artistic for most of my life and create in different ways. I don’t always write or paint, but usually do one or the other, and when I do, it kind of takes me over. When I’m not doing either, I feel unfulfilled or depleted – definitely less than myself. What about you?

As a teenager, I studied art at school. However, the most exceptional creativity of my life occurred following several spiritual experiences I had in my early twenties, which completely transformed me and my understanding of creativity.


Hope Flies © Linda Cull


STEs and ‘Spontaneous Inspired Creativity’

The best way I can describe this awesome creativity is to reference Dr. Yvonne Kason, a Canadian physician, and authority on counselling people who have had exceptional human experiences (now retired).

Dr. Kason first mentioned the term ‘Spontaneous Inspired Creativity’ in her book: Farther Shores.

In Chapter 7 of Kason’s book, she refers to a notable increase of creativity in people following spiritually transformative experiences (STEs) and how this surge of inspiration can be a catalyst for continued transformation in the experiencer’s life.

This has been my lived experience and is something I share in my book Where The Light Lives.


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The term ‘Spontaneous Inspired Creativity’ aptly sums up the experience of having a sudden compulsion to create and having creativity ‘on tap’ following spiritual experiences.

Not the usual bursts of the imagination, rather it’s an energy that flows copiously and effortlessly, and rather like magic, through the experiencer.

When it occurs like this, all of a sudden, and continues in your life for years, as it did for me, you have the opportunity to observe pure inspiration, and to learn from it.


I Am the Universe © Linda Cull


Pure inspiration

‘Spontaneous Inspired Creativity’ is the ability to create in a spontaneous (sometimes automated) way, without any planning or forethought. From this, spiritual insight may be gained.

For me, inspired creativity is creating directly from Spirit. By Spirit, I mean, life-force, which is pure inspiration. It is a spiritual energy that is received. It does you rather than you do it.

Though inspiration fuels the imagination, it is not imagination (which is creative thought). So, my experience has been that there is less imagination in inspired creativity and more inspiration.

Inspiration does enliven your thoughts and feelings thus stimulating your imagination…

Thought always has another thought before it. And feelings are stirred by thoughts.

Inspiration, however, arises not from your brain or mind but from the emptiness – of the Spirit. In the emptiness of the Spirit is the vastness of every possibility.


What's inspired creativity? collage

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Who can do inspired creativity?

Can people who haven’t had a spiritually transformative experience do ‘inspired creativity’? I believe, yes. Why not?

If there is any doing in inspired creativity, it’s the practice of letting go – surrendering to Spirit.

With inspired creativity, you are required to surrender your ego to the flow of creating.

The best way to achieve this is to get absorbed in something other than yourself.

This, in turn, triggers an experience of transcendence, in the same way, meditation or being in nature does.

Any kind of creativity, where the creator is completely immersed in the act of creation (thus dissolving identity and time) may be a catalyst for inspired creativity.

By putting your thoughts in the backseat and disassociating from them, you allow inspiration passage through you, and into the world.

Then, inspired creativity has the opportunity to manifest in your work and hobbies, and many other aspects of your life, and with great meaning.


Linda Cull at her first art exhibition

At the first exhibition of my inspired paintings


My inspired creativity journey

My very first STE arose directly from doing art. I was sixteen and I’d been drawing and colouring all afternoon when suddenly, I heard my name being called by Spirit.

I was very absorbed in my art practice at the time. Hearing my name being called by Spirit was the heralding of a remarkable transformation in my psychological life.

At the age of twenty-one, I had my first ‘divine light’ experience and it followed from this, that I had an overwhelming desire to write poetry – late into the night and early hours.

The Light filled me up with an abundance of inspiration and it poured out of me in words that merged my inner and outer worlds with spiritual meaning.


When Eve Walked poems Out Now!

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At age twenty-two, I had an epic out-of-body experience that completely blew my mind and healed my life. It catapulted my creativity to new heights.

Again, I received an incredible amount of inspiration from Spirit which resulted in me taking up the paintbrush, in quite an impassioned way.

I left my academic life behind me, and my dream of becoming a lawyer completely dissolved, as I journeyed with great enthusiasm into the artist’s life.

I began creating inspired paintings in an automated way on my kitchen floor. I’d never before produced art in this way and it completely rocked my socks off!

I would intuitively hear, see and feel how to paint these pictures. When I painted, I felt I was in the presence of powerful spiritual energy.

At times this energy passed through me with such intensity that my body and face quivered and twitched!

It was always very obvious to me that something greater than me was at play when creating these works.

Over the years, observing my practice and interpreting my art, I’ve come to understand that this ‘something greater’ is Spirit.

We are all spiritual beings, and we can all access awesomeness, it’s our birthright! 

From inspired creativity, I learned how to surrender to the natural flow. Life has a rhythm – yours and mine – yes, it actually knows where it’s going, despite our best plans!

Painting has helped me develop a relationship with my higher self, trust in the inner voice, and trust in my ‘knowing’.

By committing regularly to creativity, you can experience pure inspiration too!

I hope this post has inspired you to look at creativity in a new way. You may well be creating in an inspired way already. If so, I’d love to hear about it!

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