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Connecting with your spirit guides is one of my favourite things to talk about. I have met my spirit guides many times and feel magic with me always. Spirit guides are pure love and acceptance! I describe my encounters with these remarkable beings in my book Where The Light Lives. 

Spirit guides will come to you between your thoughts, through your imagination, when you’re in altered states, in your nightdreams, in your daydreams, during danger, grief, or dark nights of the soul – also in happier times to celebrate, remind, inspire, teach, guide, and love you.


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Spirit Guide Series:

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Spirit guides are super-powered, magical, and eternally connected to you no matter who you are or what your deeds in the world have been. Just like the sun shines upon everyone, they value all of humanity. They know the magnificence of your soul and adore your spark of divinity.

Your spirit guides are spiritual messengers and truth keepers, attentive to your soul’s progression. They are aligned with your soul’s purpose and may be manifestations of your higher-self. Thus, fostering a relationship with your spirit guides is helpful to your life’s journey.


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Believe it or not, coming to earth is a highly anticipated affair and souls are lining up for the experience. Just like a mountain adventurer on Everest who relies on Sherpa to make the summit, so too do you rely on spirit entities to navigate life so you can reach your soul’s summit.

Cultivating awareness of your spirit guides occurs over time until it becomes instinctual to feel a continuous connection to them from which you may draw strength and inspiration in your daily life. Be patient and kind with yourself, and give particular attention to the following practices:


  1. Ask & Receive
  2. Faith & Gratitude
  3. Healthy Living
  4. Awareness
  5. Quietude
  6. Visualisation
  7. Prayer
  8. Meditation
  9. Writing
  10. Painting


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1. Ask & Receive

Firstly, and importantly, ask to receive guidance from your spirit guides. You have a right to request, to expect, to receive, to delight, to learn, to grow, to prosper, to have magic, love, and acceptance in your life, and all the wonderful things that come from living a personal and authentic spirituality.

If you need help or inspiration, ask for it. Your spirit guides want to help and they like to be asked. Whether it’s helping to develop a better connection or working through a problem together or acquiring something you want in the world, ask clearly for support and be open to receiving it.

Accept that sometimes help will come in ways you don’t understand. Be patient. Life moves in mysterious yet remarkable ways, bringing into your life people, lessons, opportunities, and closures that are necessary. Open your mind and heart to many possibilities for change and growth.


Dear Spirit Guides,


Please help me with … (be clear).

Please send me a sign, show me a path, send me a message, an encouragement, an encounter, something unmistakable so I know it’s from you.

And, thank you!

Then, let go. Allow. Be patient. Pay attention. Receive what is given. Then, take a step.


2. Faith & Gratitude

Believe that spirit guides are real and welcome them. Give thanks to Spirit for the gift that is your life and for lessons learnt, relationships had, and opportunities lived. We have a tendency to focus on the thing that is not going our way. Instead, think about the support you have and be grateful.

Recognise that Spirit loves you always and sends you many companions in spirit and of the flesh to help guide your path, in good times and bad. Have faith that your spirit guides are alleviating some of the burdens of your earthly experiences. They know that through fire a mighty sword is forged.

When magic enters your day, have faith it will visit again. Don’t dismiss the little miracles that only you see, hear, or feel. You needn’t seek validation for what you have witnessed, rather have faith and give thanks. If your heart skips a beat and wonders, was it real? Let me tell you: yes, it was.


3. Healthy Living

Drink, eat, and sleep healthily. Living a healthy life takes management and discipline. Effort. You need to muster your willpower. Make higher choices every day. It’s about self-love. Self-care. Personal boundaries. Self-respect. You cannot enjoy the fullness of life without caring for yourself.

Your body is a magnificent receptor of spiritual energy. How well does it receive if it’s clogged up with gunk? Your body is mostly made up of water. How well does it function if it’s dehydrated? Your brain filters your higher mind. How well does it think and imagine if it’s tired and depleted?

You will be amazed how much better you will perceive your spirit guides with a clean, rested body and brain. Reduce the sugars and fats in your diet. Eat more white meat than red meat (or no meat). Lots of veggies (especially greens) and some fruit. Drink 2-3 litres of water daily. And, sleep well.


4. Awareness

Cultivate an awareness of the here and now. Get your mind back into the present and out of the imagined past or future. Magic is of the present moment. It is here that you will experience the messages, signs, and synchronicity sent especially to you from your loving spirit guides.

Notice the pattern of things in your life. Spirit guides often communicate in repetitions. Why? Because your mind often will dismiss what it first perceives. The second time around you may take notice but not be quite sure. By the third time, there is no denying that magic has sprung!

The power of three is a phenomenon. Your spirit guides will use it to attract your attention: A white feather at your feet three times a day. Three unrelated people saying something meaningful to you in a week. Three car number plates with a similar message. Three people with the same name.


5. Quietude

Life can be busy and noisy. Sometimes you need to get away from the hubbub to hear with your spiritual ear. By quietening your mind in nature, for instance, or even by sitting quietly at work or at home, and focusing your attention within, you may then hear the voice of a spirit guide speak.

You may talk with your spirit guides in ordinary moments when you are feeling quiet or when performing routine tasks: cooking, crafting, showering, gardening, hanging out the washing, driving, watching TV, listening to music, lying in bed, and drifting to sleep. Listen to their reply. 

These are the blessed little pauses of your life and are super powerful when your mind is awake yet adrift. You may unintentionally have entered a state of fluidity that allows for spirit communication to occur. Your spirit guides will look for these moments to deliver you their messages and signs.


6. Visualisation

Your spirit guides inspire your imagination and help you to visualise what is possible, and anything is possible, even the seemingly impossible. Welcome the possibility of connecting with your spirit guides through pictures of your mind. Ask your spirit guides to appear in your mind’s eye.

Close your eyes and focus your attention between your eyebrows. Breathe deeply and slowly. Now, call forth your spirit guides, silently, allowing them to passage into your mind. What comes forth? Do you sense a presence, a feature, a face, or attire? Let the pictures of your mind flow freely.

You may like to practise visualising your spirit guides in this way while sitting quietly in nature or by water, at home, in a room, in the shower, before going to sleep, or upon awakening. Listening to relaxing music or guided meditations whilst visualising is helpful in meeting your spirit guides.


7. Prayer

Many children pray and yet as adults, we don’t. Are we lazy? Distracted? Unbelieving? Yet, prayer is potent, it is a superpower! Children believe in superpowers and perhaps, adults have grown cynical over time. With encouragement, adults too may appreciate that prayer is where the magic’s at.

Prayer opens a spiritual line of communication between you and your spirit guides. It’s the best way to call home and it’s free. It simply takes thought and feeling. Close your eyes and speak from your heart. The more heartfelt the prayer the more accurate its delivery. It’s like going express:


Dear Spirit Guides,


I am open and ready to receive your messages of love.

Help me to grow in awareness. Guide my path.

Surround me with radiant golden-white light to protect and empower me, every day.

I’m thankful for our connection and the magic.


The dream state during sleep is the easiest way for you and your spirit guides to connect. It relies upon you to set a clear intention to connect with them before you fall asleep. The best way to do this is to pray to your spirit guides at bedtime. Then, remember your dreams upon waking.


8. Meditation

Meditation opens your body’s energy centres or chakras to spiritual energy, so you can receive the good vibes of life. It makes you an observer of your experiences, increasing your ability to perceive the subtle world that spirit occupies, and which overlays the physical world like onion skins.

Spirit guides are made of pure spiritual energy. They may choose to appear solid before you, as of the flesh, but they are non-form beings vibrating at a higher frequency of light and sound than you. Therefore, the easiest way to connect with your spirit guides is to raise your vibration too.

The quickest way to raise your vibration is by meditating regularly, drinking and eating clean, and thinking, feeling, talking, and acting clean (without the intention to harm). This may result in lucid dreams, out-of-body experiences, and remarkable encounters with your spirit guides.


9. Writing

Whether it be by keeping a personal diary and noting your thoughts, or a dream journal and noting your nightly visions, writing is an effective way of connecting with your spirit guides. You needn’t be eloquent or grammatically correct when writing, simply be at ease and let your words flow.

Allowing for automation or spontaneity when writing is another way to use the written word for your spiritual growth. Grab paper and pen. Then pose a question to your spirit guides. Write down whatever reply comes to mind. Your thoughts may well be inspired by your spirit guides.

This is the method Neale Donald Walsch used to write his epic trilogy: Conversations With God. Many writers, from all genres, have been inspired to write because of intuitive urges or voices arising from within them and which they followed. Creativity is a powerful bridge to the divine.


10. Painting

Painting is my favourite creative practice. For me, a canvas is like a portal, crystal ball, or magical mirror via which I communicate with Spirit. The subconscious mind works in symbols, as does art. Symbols evoke feelings which is the mode of communication your spirit guides are invested in. 

Perhaps, you’d like to paint a picture of your spirit guides. Ask them to reveal themselves through your artmaking. Curious about a past life? Paint it. Any hopes and aspirations? Paint it. A love relationship? Paint it. Ask your spirit guides to impress upon the canvas guidance and inspiration.


Inspired Creativity:


Look at a blank canvas, what do you feel?

What paint colour are you drawn to? Go with that.

Where do you feel like placing your first brushstroke?

Don’t think about it. Feel it. You cannot make a mistake.

Go for it. Place it there. And, then there. And, there.

Choose your next colour. What are you drawn to?

Painting in this intuitive way is revealing of your inner world.

Trust your inner directive. Trust yourself to know.


You may surprise yourself with your inspired creativity. After your painting stint, for whatever duration you feel, you will have a painting that will likely evoke something in you. Sit back and observe what you have created. What magic do you sense emerging from the brushstrokes?


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