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This is the final installment of my Spirit Guide Series. Spirit’s love is absolutely mind-blowing! So, Spirit filters it to you via powerful helpers. Spirit’s helpers are Spirit Guides – they are glorious beings of light. Spirit Guides help you through the valleys and up the mountains of your life by offering inspiration and guidance.

Spirit Guides are connected to you for one or more incarnations and even when you’re living in the spirit world. You may have one main Spirit Guide or several that make up an order of helpful energies. There may also be other Spirit Guides that come and go, bringing specialised help to a task, job, relationship or crisis.

Personally, I’ve experienced 10 Spirit Guide types which I describe in my book Where The Light Lives:

Where The Light Lives by Linda Cull


  1. Higher-Self
  2. Angels
  3. Ascended Masters
  4. Master Teachers
  5. Past Lives
  6. Soul Family
  7. Ancestors
  8. Deceased Loved Ones
  9. Animals & Nature Spirits
  10. Extraterrestrials


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Chapter 4 of my book Where The Light Lives:

‘The Ultimate Power Reality’


Angelic light beams


1. Higher-Self

The eternal you, your soul, is bigger, brighter and more multifaceted than is ever imaginable or calculatable. It’s made up of every thought, feeling, intention, action and outcome you’ve ever had or will have in any life you’ve ever lived throughout universes and heavenly realms. Now, that’s BIG!

It also has access to the experiences and perspectives of all the souls you’ve ever had an interaction or relationship with. That’s really B I G !

Your soul is a sacred library of endless knowledge, wisdom and possibilities. Now, imagine if you could ask for and receive guidance from this higher self. I’m here to tell you, you can.


2. Angels

People are in awe of angels because they’re spiritually pure but truly, angels are more in awe of them. Angels are incredibly powerful, responsive and helpful beings. By nature, they’re pure God-light and service, and perpetually humming with devotion (like a million bees).

They’ve never been human. They’ve never died. They’ve never waited to die. And they’ve never gone c r a z y waiting to die. They don’t live in fear or pain. They’ve never lived the anguish and self-loathing that comes from forgetting God within.

But they’re 100% devoted to humans. They know and love you, immeasurably. For your bravery at birth. Your great fortitude and commitment to the human mission (to love in form). And for your soul’s treasure trove of lived experiences.


3. Ascended Masters

In some human lifetime, every soul living on Earth today will become spiritually enlightened. Meaning: they will know (not believe in, but actually experience) their spiritual essence and then live from this in bodily form.

Beings who have lived multiple Earth lives spiritually awakened may return here to pave the way for others. These Ascended Masters, born of the flesh, teach great spiritual truths and transform human suffering. Their breath literally raises your vibration.

Ascended Masters are in constant spiritual wakefulness in and out of the body, at once. They occupy multiple realities simultaneously. After bodily death, their teachings continue to reverberate causing the spiritual awakening of people to come. Call upon them for help through your heartfelt devotion.


4. Master Teachers

Followers of Ascended Masters or their teachings may become Master Teachers. In their present lifetime, these people have attained mastery of their hearts and minds, and aren’t enslaved by the impulses or circumstances of their early lives. They walk the spiritual talk 24/7.

Energetically, you will attract your Master Teacher to you. Expect the unexpected. Your Master Teacher will be what you need and not necessarily what you think you need. You will intuitively recognise them because you’ve been their student before, in another lifetime. 

Your Master Teacher will be a catalyst to meaningful change in your life, over a period of time. They will help elevate your consciousness. Master Teachers are busy helping souls in both the spiritual and physical worlds. You will spend time together, wherever you are best able to receive your lesson.


5. Past Lives

You’ve had past lives but the “past” part of past lives can be very misleading. Because the notion of death itself is misleading. And there isn’t time in the space, where Spirit originates. Now is all there really is.

Your soul which resides in Spirit is living multiple lives all at once which the mind finds difficult to fathom. It gets dizzying trying to explain how your past lives can come into your present life to help you access wisdom and abilities that you’ve developed in previous lifetimes. (Your future lives can do that too!)

Open yourself to the possibility that your soul in all its vastness and power is a place where the people it has been (and still is) and is and will be, can and do interact with you.


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6. Soul Family

In heaven or on the spiritual plane you have a soul family who love and support you. You live with them between incarnations and do spirit things together.

When your flesh body is asleep in bed at night, your soul, and more specifically, your light body (which is an identical replica of your flesh body though made of light) returns to your spiritual community and there, you interact with members of your soul family.

In spiritual terms, members of soul families work together on a shared mission(s). They may or may not incarnate together. They may or may not be members of your current Earth family. They are a part of your greater soul. And, therefore, a part of the greater you.


7. Ancestors

You may or may not know about relatives who came before you. Regardless, your ancestors who are in spirit, know about you. They may be part of your soul family and share a mission.

It may be that together, over several generations, you are working on healing intergenerational grief. Or on developing abilities, health, land, culture and traditions specific to a family, group or region.

Your ancestors are full of wisdom and care about your progress. Your healing is their healing. They help you deal with inherited karma. Call on them when you require extra strength or clarity around history, heritage or trauma in relation to primary relationships, identity and belonging.


8. Deceased Loved Ones

Love is what life’s all about and you get to experience it through your relationships. Whether it’s your partner, child, (grand) parent, sibling, bestie, furbaby…etc., you simply don’t want to imagine life without your loved one. But sometimes they die (their body does) which may cause you great suffering.

The spirit of your loved one is alive and well, and they may communicate this to you. They do this to help you recover from grief so you can carry on receiving life’s blessings and fulfil your life’s potential for yourself and others. Sometimes our deceased loved ones help us in other ways, perhaps with our health or activities.

There may have been an absence of love in some of your closest relationships. When people die they gain spiritual insight into the effects of their behaviour. If they caused past hurt which has you still suffering, then they may help to heal this.


9. Animals & Nature Spirits

Animals and nature spirits sense your inner callings and come to help, heal and guide you. They are joy bringers. Companions. Comforters. Protectors. Saviours. They refocus your attention. Reinvigorate you. Deliver God’s love to your heart’s inbox. They may stay a short or long time but never overdo their purpose.

Animals, birds, reptiles and pets that unexpectedly appear at your home, along your path or in your dreams are often heaven-sent. What messages do they bring you?

God’s fingerprints are in the details of nature. Flora. Fauna. Colours. Patterns. Cycles. They sustain, inspire, teach and guide you. The land and mountains. Sky, water, air, and fire. Every delightful creature and blossom. Can be found in heaven. Vibrating. Singing. Loving. They support you, and all of creation on the planet.


10. Extraterrestrials

Humans exist alongside unearthly life forms and extraterrestrials. Some are humanoid. Some look very human-like but are more advanced. Some are very concerned with Earth-humans because what we do here affects them there. Where, there? In whatever reality they occupy. Sometimes, they even like to visit planet Earth.

Reality is like an onion skin. There are many realities just as there are many onion skins that make up an onion. Every reality has its own universe or space (some realities are spaceless). God/Spirit is the “onion” but an onion with endless skins and possibilities. ETs may be non-physical or come from parallel “onion skins”.

You can visit ETs through portal vortexes when out-of-body, during dreams, meditation, trance-states and visions to receive an abundance of wisdom and healing.


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