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Heavenly chess board

This morning I received the “green light” to share one of the more remarkable experiences of my life, and well, I’ve had many. This one stands out because it involves a beloved public figure with a powerful spirit. The remarkable experience was a series of after-death communications I had with the late Heath Ledger – the actor – very soon after his passing. My firstborn son, Oliver, who was then a toddler was also involved. It’s now been some fifteen years since Heath’s “visit”. Oliver is almost seventeen. And I’m finally delivering on Heath’s wish, for me to share his spiritual survival story with you. It’s a story about how love never dies.

Since our first communication, I have connected with Heath’s spirit many times. Why me? I can’t tell you, really. Perhaps, he knew I’d eventually come good on delivering his spiritual messages. Heath had wanted me to include his “visit” in my book Where The Light Lives. But back then with the glare of the media on his family, I was unsure about publishing it. We had intended for the story to go in Chapter Seventeen, Page 138. In the end, I decided to remove the story from the book. But I hoped, that one day when I felt the time was right, I would publish it for him. I believe now is the time. Reasons why, I go on to explain.


The book Where The Light Lives

Where The Light Lives is a beautifully written account of a young woman’s extraordinary visionary experiences. Diagnosed with a painful and humiliating disease of the spine, Linda Cull wanted to die. Without even nearly dying, she then had a series of encounters with a dazzling light-being that transformed her life. Similar to the classic near-death experience, Linda’s sense of being flooded with lessons from a transcendent source awakened her artistic imagination, which launched her on a career as a brilliant painter. Her book is a document of hope to all and should expand the horizons of human psychology.”

 – Michael Grosso

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Meaningful connections

If you’re new to this space… magic is a constant in my life. Perhaps, because I believe in it, I experience it. Or because I experience it, I believe in it. Or both. I’m a seer of meaningful connections. Signs. Symbols. Synchronicities. I notice the spiritual messages of everyday life. The universe has a language – it’s light/colour, shapes, sound, patterns, networks, and space, and I guess what some would call maths and science. But I see it as art. I see it as God’s fingerprints. From the reflections and rhythms and connections, I get strong feelings. I guess what some would call intuition. It’s a language everyone can learn if they regularly pause, observe and trust.


Recently, there were three meaningful connections or signs that made me feel it was time to share Heath’s spiritual survival story. The first sign came when visiting Collie during Easter. I was at Black Diamond Lake when I noticed a parked car with a sticker on its back window, that read: ALL I WANT is for my SON in Heaven TO KNOW HOW MUCH I Love and MISS HIM. I felt such a strong urge to find the grieving mother of that car, which I did. She was a young mother and so I knew her son who passed was young. As Heath had, her son was impressing upon me that he wanted to communicate with her through the gifted medium, Anthony Grzelka.


Heath Ledger's after-death communications Collage

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The second sign was that a few days short of Mother’s Day, I witnessed the death of a young motorcyclist. I was driving home from a café when I passed paramedics trying to resuscitate his lifeless body on the road. I’d been with my cousin to mark the occasion of her mum’s passing – who’d died on Mother’s Day night, a year ago. What was particularly triggering about this tragedy was that the same stretch of road had claimed the life of our young relative, while riding his motorbike – causing enormous grief. This relative’s spirit came through to me at an Anthony Grzelka demonstration I’d attended years earlier – which included a reference to Heath.


So, these two events, exhumed Heath’s story from my “archives”. I pondered Heath and the power of after-death communications to heal grief. How Heath’s story could help to heal broken hearts. I asked for yet another sign, just to be sure. Days passed. I planned to write today. But to include Heath’s story? Still, one last sign would be nice. Then this morning, over a cup of tea, I read that Bill Guggenheim had died: the pioneer of after-death communication (ADC) experience research. Bill co-wrote the spiritual classic Hello From Heaven. We had a mind-blowing connection a few years ago which you can read about here. This was the “green light”.


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Connecting with Heath Ledger’s spirit

My first son was twenty months when Australian actor Heath Ledger died in New York City. I was particularly saddened by the news because his daughter, Matilda is a similar age to him. She would wonder where her daddy was.

Only a few short days after Heath’s passing I came to feel his presence around me. He wanted me to help him to communicate a message of spiritual love to his family very much. I thought myself an unlikely intermediary for such a meaningful reunion – but he didn’t.

Though we live in the same city, I am a stranger to his family and I felt it was almost impossible for me to convey this message to them from their beloved. However the friendly and determined spirit that Heath is – encouraged me to send to his family in the post the contact details of a very gifted medium, Anthony Grzelka.

I had learnt from my experiences with the spirit of Aunty May to ask for signs. So I asked Heath to give me an obvious sign that I was in fact speaking with him and not simply imagining it. I went about my housework and soon forgot about him, engaged with other thoughts.

In the early afternoon Oliver woke from his day sleep. I lifted my young son from his cot and placed him on the floor. He happily played in his room, looking over his books. I was washing the dishes when I heard Oliver walk into the kitchen. I turned around at the sink to see him standing by the fridge, looking at me rather intently with his arm outstretched.

I saw what he was holding in his hand and was amazed. It was Anthony’s business card and I motioned forward to take it from him. Truly satisfied he had delivered the card to me – my little son exited the kitchen, returning to his books. I was left alone to ponder the moment. Inspecting the card, I wondered where he’d retrieved it from. Only months earlier it had been with Anthony’s seminar ticket. I felt strongly it was the sign from Heath I’d been waiting for.

Though I felt Heath was now gnawing in my little boy’s spiritual ear, I still asked him for another sign. I wanted to know that the previous sign wasn’t a mere fluke. I went on to prepare a meal for Oliver so once again I forgot about the special visitor in my kitchen. I played with Oliver and did the chores.

At about 4 o’clock I finally sat down in my favourite armchair to enjoy a cup of tea. As I did, I felt I sat on something. When I retrieved what it was from beneath me, I could see a glossy flyer – a paper advertisement for a Perth-based acting school. Most startling to me was its bold print – a call to action: Act Now! They’ll love it.

Blimey! I thought. It’s not every day I sit on an acting academy.

I didn’t know how the flyer came to be on my favourite armchair. I’d never seen it before (nor since) but I suspected strongly Heath was behind it. I finished my tea, got up from my chair and went to the hallway cupboard. There I rummaged through things until I located the city’s white pages. I sat with it at the dining table, flicking its pages until I arrived at the surname Ledger. There were only a few listed and I didn’t know if any of them were relevant to the former actor, but one amongst these appeared luminous – so I took my chance with it. I wrote the address, which was next to the name in the book, on a little white envelope.

When I placed Anthony’s business card inside the envelope – the one Oliver had handed to me in the kitchen – I felt a sudden, powerful urge to turn the card over. When I did this, I observed a simple message that was meant for me. Written in blue were the words: Thanks Linda! My thought was that magic really is in the timing. The spiritual world is particularly good at this. And though the message was probably written by Anthony’s secretary, it was meaningful to me for I first came to see it just when I felt Heath wishing me the sentiment of his gratitude.

I could feel how very much this spirit loved his family and how determined he was from the other side of the veil, to let them know that he was still very much with them and would continue to be. I hoped with all my heart that his undying love in the little white envelope would arrive at its desired destination.

I left the house and pushed Oliver in his stroller along the footpath, passed the park with its whispering leaves, quiet houses and tall street lights, to the nearest red mail box. There we finally stood on a street staring at the red box, with cars going by, wishing our envelope a safe plunge and an even safer trip across town. We didn’t expect to ever hear from Heath again.

Then many months later, I attended another seminar of Anthony’s with my sister in tow. Early into it, an audience member rose to her feet to ask the medium if he had ever received communication from the spirit of Heath Ledger. I was surprised to hear the question being asked and I sat up a little taller in my seat, eager to not miss a word of his reply – and yes, he had. There had been family in the audience at a previous demonstration. I felt wonderful for the connection that has been made between Heath and his family (whoever they’d been). I was left wondering, if they had come together in this way because of our little white envelope.

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