Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Statue of Venus de Milo


I see into a pool, her face is a mirror.

Venus sits by me and smiles.

She goes forward and cups her hands,

drinks from my spoils.

I watch her drink all my tears dry.

Venus is more beautiful than spring,

and woman is the promise she brings.


Venus brings me a book: the answer to why.

I open it to look inside and butterflies      fly

like children who think not to dream

but do so as easily they breathe.

She offers me a jewel from her hands

into my eager hold, an emerald stone;

the size of all my wants.


From the dirt I dig and spat upon,

my toes, grows a garden

of every flower ever loved

and beauty to adorn every heart.

Flowering in every soul is a wealth of gold.

Venus gives me one flower to keep that

will never die. Says she: “Love is why.”


Poetry © Linda Cull


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