Monday, December 25, 2023

Magical heart-shaped tree in a forest

You are perfect love and you are perfectly loved, and your life has divine purpose and meaning. The power hears you and responds with love.


Love erases pain and disparity. It fills the widest of voids and builds bridges and pathways.

Love heals – pure, enduring love that cascades from the source of all creation.

Love is free and has no attachments. Love is powerful. It replenishes itself. It binds and permeates. It shines brighter than all the suns throughout multi-universes. It can be looked upon, touched, felt, breathed in, breathed out, received and given. It is inextinguishable. It transforms. It inspires. It gives flight to. It renews.

Love manifests. It creates mountains, planets and the cosmos. It creates the finest golden silken thread. It is the magnificent weave that produces the kaleidoscopic tapestry of reality – connecting multiple forms throughout multiple dimensions.

Love is the spark of every life. It is the pulse of creativity. It is your nature. It is my nature. It is their nature…even the one who believes he is forsaken by love…even the one who believes she is forsaken by love.

With love, all is possible – even, as yet, the unimagined. With a belief in love, the greatest obstacles may be overcome and transformed into something higher, and more substantial, enabling a myriad of new possibilities to eventuate.

Love heals by simple measures, a kind word, a smile and an embrace. By its very nature, love seeks to know itself, love seeks to fulfil itself. Love expands upon itself. Love desires to have the greatest experience of love.


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