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Welcome to Spirit my way®

Hi, I’m Linda Cull, founder of Wilara Press® and Wilara Studio®. Spirit my way is my author and artist website/blog covering spirituality, inspired creativity, and transformative experiences.

I created Spirit my way during my 40th year in celebration of the awesome power that healed my life, and as a way of connecting with people who honour the spirit within.

At Spirit my way you will enjoy an attitude that nothing is impossible. Why? Because I’ve experienced the unbelievable and the impossible. And perhaps you have too!

I’m the author of the inspirational books Where The Light Lives and When Eve Walked. I’m also a visionary artist and my paintings are like snapshots of my out-of-body journeys and inner visions.

I’m mum to two effervescent boys, and with their dad, Rob, we live a regular life in the friendly city of lights, Perth – on the west coast of Australia.

Our home, from where I write and paint, is my sacred place. It’s surrounded by gardens, parkland, and the sound of birdsong.



Sharing my story

My spiritual awakening journey began many years ago, in the depths of despair of my perceived limitations. I was over six feet tall at fourteen, thin and awkward, with a disfiguring spinal condition.

Although I grew up in an idyllic suburban setting in Perth, my dad, as a boy, was traumatised by the brutalities of the Second World War, and the remnants of his suffering affected me deeply.

From sixteen, and into my twenties and thirties, I had many remarkable experiences of consciousness which healed me of depression, body hang-ups, cultural fragmentation, and intergenerational grief.

I encountered spirit beings and angels and had many other-world experiences – like past-life visions, premonitions and after-death communications, and amazing synchronicities, which offered me a new take on reality and the conditions of my life.

I experienced the divine light and had a guided life review and preview on the spiritual plane, and acquired an ability known as ‘spontaneous inspired creativity’ – which is a very intuitive way of creating – in my case, art!


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The pulse of God moving through me brought such intense pleasure that I felt I might burst like the ripest berry in the sun. I almost couldn’t stand to feel such rapture and then it was as if my mind exploded. I burst out of the confines of my thoughts and into the highest stratosphere of consciousness. Everything here was bright white light. There was nothing other than The Light of God.

Excerpt from Where The Light Lives