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“Linda’s sense of being flooded with lessons from a transcendent source awakened her artistic imagination…”

I love to paint! My paintings are impressions of my out-of-body journeys and inner visions, depicting the magical scenes, beings, and energies of the subtle world.

I believe my pictures and the practice of creating them is healing and empowering. They have brought me joy and insight, and you may also gain from their innate wisdom and beauty.

Following my ‘Light’ encounters and a life review and preview on the spiritual plane, I developed an ability known as ‘spontaneous inspired creativity’.

I felt an outpouring of profound energy through my art practice. Though I’d been artistically inclined from an early age, I’d never experienced such automation in my creativity, ever before.

It was as if heaven was speaking to me through the pictures I painted. The guidance received from a higher aspect of myself never ceased to amaze me, filling me with endless gratitude.

The urge to paint consumed me for more than a decade until I became a mum and had babies to care for. It was a sacred practice that opened me up intuitively and developed in me, a trust for the natural rhythms of life.

Linda Cull designs

Since 1997, my paintings have been exhibited in galleries and public spaces in Perth, Subiaco, Fremantle and Margaret River, Western Australia.

Some of my art images are available for purchase as canvases, prints, pillowstote bagsgreeting cards, and phone cases.

My book Where The Light Lives describes my spiritual awakening, how I became a visionary artist, the practice, and its effects.

Images: © Linda Cull

I wondered about the mystifying voice that had returned to me and I wanted to understand it better. I had simply never painted in this rather automated way before. I had previously approached my art works with consideration. I had had a plan in mind.

Was this all-knowing voice my intuition? Did it originate from me or was it of another source like a spirit guide or an angel?

-Excerpt from Where The Light Lives