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Linda Cull art

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“Linda’s paintings are impressions of her out-of-body journeys and inner visions, depicting the magical scenes, beings, and energies of the subtle world.”


Art is life

Welcome to Wilara Studio® by Linda Cull. Having written and published books for a decade, I have returned to my art studio and first love, painting.
Nina says it best…
It’s a new dawn
It’s a new day
It’s a new life
For me
And I’m feeling good
In 2021, I look forward to Wilara Studio becoming the hub of my creativity, and sharing the inspired gifts it births with you.
I’ll be delving into the theme of Eve and divine femininity with paint and collage in keeping with my poetry collection When Eve Walked.

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Art is healing

I come from a family background of great suffering and hardship caused by war and cultural fragmentation. My parents came to Australia for a better life.
I was raised to believe that political and financial security and education would release me from this suffering – this was not so.
What released me was creativity and spirituality. (It’s all in my first book.) Art became my church.
My ‘why’ in everything I do at Wilara Studio is about healing my own grief and the disconnect people feel from their true nature, spirit.
I believe hearts of love and inspiration nurture our world. And I believe creativity is a way to access the eternal. My paintings are whispers of the eternal.

“Linda’s sense of being flooded with lessons from a transcendent source awakened her artistic imagination.”


Art is spiritual

Following my ‘Light’ encounters and a life review and preview on the spiritual plane, I developed an ability known as ‘spontaneous inspired creativity’.

I felt an outpouring of energy through my art practice. Though I’d been artistically inclined from an early age, I’d never experienced such automation in my creativity, ever before.

It was as if heaven was speaking to me through the pictures I painted. The guidance received from a higher aspect of myself never ceased to amaze me.

I spent many hours sitting before my works deciphering a communication derived from the magical. The intense urge to paint consumed me.

It was a deeply therapeutic practice in my life for a long time and one that opened me up, developing my intuition and a deeper trust for the natural rhythms of life.


Linda Cull designs

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I wondered about the mystifying voice that had returned to me and I wanted to understand it better. I had simply never painted in this rather automated way before. I had previously approached my art works with consideration. I had had a plan in mind.

Was this all-knowing voice my intuition? Did it originate from me or was it of another source like a spirit guide or an angel?

-Excerpt from Where The Light Lives