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Artist Linda Cull at Artspace

At my ‘Artspace’ exhibition.


“Linda’s paintings are impressions of her out-of-body journeys and inner visions, depicting the magical scenes, beings, and energies of the subtle world.”


Hello artsy friend

Having written and published books for years, I have returned to my art studio and first love, painting. Nina says it best…
It’s a new dawn
It’s a new day
It’s a new life
For me
And I’m feeling good…
I look forward to my art studio becoming the hub of my creativity and sharing the gifts it births.

I’ll be delving into the theme of Eve and divine femininity with paint and collage in keeping with my poetry collection When Eve Walked.


Shop my soul art

I have painted visionary and inspirational art for many years in oil, acrylic, and other mediums for people from diverse backgrounds, in Australia and internationally.

I have exhibited in galleries and art spaces, and my paintings have appeared in magazines. I share my inspired art process in my book Where The Light Lives.

If you are interested in having me paint an original and soulful artwork for you or as a gift for someone special in your life, please contact me.

Prices vary according to the medium and type of canvas/stretcher used and the artwork’s size—as well as packaging and delivery costs.

Some of my art designs are available online at Fine Art America as reproductions of various prints, wall art, homewares, giftwares, and more.


Artist Linda Cull at Artspace

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If you would like to commission a painting, my fee starts at $1,500 sq m plus packaging & delivery. Australia only.

Payment optionsBank Transfer and PayPal (including Credit Cards).

To book prior to payment, or enquire about any artwork, please email

*Please note, there’s currently a waiting list.


Art is healing

I come from a family background of grief and hardship caused by war. I also have Marfan syndrome. What released me from suffering was spirituality and creativity. Art became my church.
My ‘why’ in everything I do with art is about healing – my healing, your healing, and helping to heal the disconnect we all feel from Spirit, at times; also celebrating the many blessings of life.
I believe hearts of love and inspiration nurture our world. And I believe creativity is a way to access the eternal. My artworks are whispers of the eternal calling us home, to peace within.

“Linda’s sense of being flooded with lessons from a transcendent source awakened her artistic imagination.”


Art is sacred

Following my ‘Light’ encounters and a life review and preview on the spiritual plane, I developed an ability known as ‘spontaneous inspired creativity’.

I felt an outpouring of energy through my art practice. Though I’d been artistically inclined from an early age, I’d never experienced such automation in my creativity, ever before.

It was as if heaven was speaking to me through the pictures I painted. The guidance received from a higher aspect of myself never ceased to amaze me.

I spent many hours sitting before my works deciphering a communication derived from the magical. The intense urge to paint consumed me for years.

It was a deeply therapeutic practice in my life and one that opened me up, developing my intuition and a deeper trust in the natural rhythms of life.


Artwork: Liberation of Persephone by Linda Cull

The Liberation of Persephone © 

We are all artisans of life. Whether we create as spiritual beings or physical beings – consciously or unconsciously – and in truth, we do both – we are the creator.

If people were only to realise how very powerful their thoughts and emotions are, they would become extremely careful with how they think, speak and feel because it literally creates the circumstances of their lives.

Peace is my greatest hope and thought. I believe it is everyone’s greatest hope and thought. People are fundamentally more similar than they are different. We all want to feel loved and accepted.

In my heart, I know it is humanity’s destiny to live in harmony with the natural world, and so I choose to give power to this vision – the world is at peace.

Life, over the years of my awakening, has become my ultimate canvas, my mind the palette, my thought the colourful paint, my emotion the brushstroke and my intention the steady hand.