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1. A few things …

This category enables me to share a few extra things with you whenever a few things arise, covering all sorts of musings. Also, if a blog topic doesn’t match one of the other categories below, it’s probably here that you’ll find it. *Note- Spirit, God, Goddess, Source, Universe, Light, Silence, Truth, Power, Force…etc., all mean the same thing to me and I use the terms interchangeably.

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2. Art biz

I’d love to see my art on giftware and homeware. Why on everyday products? Because they reach people in their private, unguarded moments where they’re best able to receive the Light. Inspiration. Is it your dream too to become a surface (pattern) designer? Ready to make it a reality? I’m here to share the art biz and design process with you. Plus, let’s explore the studios of women artists!

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3. Inspired creativity

I share my artwork, art practice, and poetry with you. We’ll journey creatively together and develop a deeper trust for our inner directives. Inspired creativity is felt and expressed intuitively, revealing the soul’s innate wisdom. It is about receiving inspiration from Spirit and sharing your light and spiritual gifts through art making and words. Experience it as freedom, healing, and joy!

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4. Self-care

Life can get really messy and noisy! I share ways to unplug from your busy, demanding, techno life so you can hear and feel Spirit, know your purpose, and appreciate now moments where the magic resides. Let’s empower ourselves through mindful acts of self-care, self-love, self-help, and self-development. We delve into what it means to live a meaningful life.

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5. Soul story

Everyone has a soulful story inside them like a melody waiting to be sung. Sharing your story can be empowering and hearing someone’s intimacies and wisdom is inspiring. Here we gain from the insights of people whose lives have been altered, enhanced, or transformed by their spiritual experiences and epiphanies. You may like to share your soul story here.

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6. Spirituality (every day)

Let’s get in touch with Spirit every day. God/Spirit. Angels. Aliens. Astrology. Psychics. Dreams. Knowing deeply inside of you that some greater power exists in the universe and plays an intimate and intentional part in your daily life and the lives of other people… in small and big ways. No matter how chaotic life appears to be, it also paradoxically appears orderly. Divine. Magical.

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7. Spiritually transformative experiences (STEs)

Have you seen the Light, left your body, and visited heaven? Maybe you know someone who has. We delve into spiritually transformative experiences and related phenomena (NDEs, NDLEs, STEs, etc.): what it is, their effects, how to integrate them, and how to support an experiencer. We also look at ways to connect with God/Spirit, soul, angels, spirit guides, and our dearly departed.

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8. Writer’s voice

Hello, writer! I share my books and poetry with you!! and go into ways you can become a happy and motivated writer. My writing journey has been multi-faceted; both challenging and rewarding. If you’re an aspiring mind, body, and spirit author, or have a work in progress, you may like to hear what I’ve learnt about the business of self-publishing! Got any questions, contact me.

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