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By Linda Cull • November 22nd, 2023

I see into a pool, her face is a mirror. Venus sits by me and smiles. She goes forward and cups her hands, drinks from my spoils. I watch her drink all my tears dry. Venus is more beautiful than spring, and woman is the promise she brings.   Venus brings me a book: the answer to why. I open it to look inside and butterflies      flyRead more…


By Linda Cull • November 20th, 2022

Water flows… we build a float of dreams and sit upon the float, and f l o a t      downstream. Into a valley we arrive and post our flags and chant our creeds— by an altar of peculiar perceptions. We drown the fools and swim in pools, so c o o l      upon our skin. We see in the sky, with one eye – secrets hanging by threads. SecretsRead more…


By Linda Cull • July 17th, 2022

I’m shedding skin and lizards cross my path; little lizards, rustling dried leaves and fallen bark.   Birth was a horrendous experience; I was in so much pain! Tomorrow— it will be forgotten.   Father cut the shrubs shallow. He pulled out our beloved lavender bush. My sister cried.   He cut his thumb and blood trickled all over the pavement. Everywhere, he went. A splash of blood laterRead more…


By Linda Cull • March 14th, 2022

When you feel really inspired things seem to flow easily. New ideas arise readily, you generate an abundance of work, make clever choices, and do fun, creative things. You feel uninhibited and enlarged… intuitive, even. It feels like awesomeness! Have you ever wondered, where does inspiration come from when you are feeling creative? Does the upsurge of energy originate in your brain or come from somewhere else? How can youRead more…


By Linda Cull • April 14th, 2021

Enough thought of what may be – or not be. Think not the night away in an awkward dream. Take time into your hands with urgency and sculpt it as you please, but do not sit in contemplation of that which has yet to be. Go on to live that which you have not yet seen. Take yourself into action before the next hour passes.   And for aRead more…


By Linda Cull • February 17th, 2021

God made the world in six days. And woman, she came from a rib of man. So, today, here I stand with a hand full of sand and a mind as clear as a summer’s sky.   Tell me, what am I to do with a hand full of sand? Build a castle with a moat all around? Then, I will order the trumpeters to play as I strideRead more…


By Linda Cull • November 7th, 2020

A few things… earlier this year, aside from working with my book designer Damonza (affiliate) to create an awesome poetry book, I got back into my art practice with the help of the #100dayproject. I worked on smaller canvases and incorporated collages into my designs which I really enjoyed big time and it’s an area of creativity I would like to explore further. My artwork was in celebration of Eve,Read more…

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