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By Linda Cull • November 20th, 2022

Water flows… we build a float of dreams and sit upon the float, and f l o a t      downstream. Into a valley we arrive and post our flags and chant our creeds— by an altar of peculiar perceptions. We drown the fools and swim in pools, so c o o l      upon our skin. We see in the sky, with one eye – secrets hanging by threads. SecretsRead more…


By Linda Cull • July 17th, 2022

I’m shedding skin and lizards cross my path; little lizards, rustling dried leaves and fallen bark.   Birth was a horrendous experience; I was in so much pain! Tomorrow— it will be forgotten.   Father cut the shrubs shallow. He pulled out our beloved lavender bush. My sister cried.   He cut his thumb and blood trickled all over the pavement. Everywhere, he went. A splash of blood laterRead more…


By Linda Cull • November 19th, 2021

Twelve tips for the aspiring writer this NaNoWriMo! Every story matters. Let’s start writing yours. One. Regardless of your circumstances, it’s your birthright to express yourself freely, and writing is a fabulous way to do this! Two. You don’t need talent to write – just perseverance. You need to write one word after another. Take one step, then another. Before you know it, you’ve written a paragraph, a chapter,Read more…


By Linda Cull • April 14th, 2021

Enough thought of what may be – or not be. Think not the night away in an awkward dream. Take time into your hands with urgency and sculpt it as you please, but do not sit in contemplation of that which has yet to be. Go on to live that which you have not yet seen. Take yourself into action before the next hour passes.   And for aRead more…


By Linda Cull • February 17th, 2021

God made the world in six days. And woman, she came from a rib of man. So, today, here I stand with a hand full of sand and a mind as clear as a summer’s sky.   Tell me, what am I to do with a hand full of sand? Build a castle with a moat all around? Then, I will order the trumpeters to play as I strideRead more…


By Linda Cull • December 18th, 2020

I was told, I had come to a place of love Had I not met with her golden hair, on this day I would have felt her, anyway For in the sky, her eyes, they stare at me As I walk, she follows me from behind I know her as I count the sands, how deep she stands As I retreat from her tears, so sweet I know herRead more…


By Linda Cull • October 16th, 2020

Fill me with words to paint a picture, serene, to honour such a perfection Though my brushes lay at rest, my fingers numb, are ever eager As I come to reflect upon a morning graced by the end of May Naked is my virgin soul, though dressed by feathered wings of day.   Oh me, oh my, where be the hidden world of this day? That I find myselfRead more…

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