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Own your #1 platform

Owning a high-quality, effectively branded website (static homepage) or blog (homepage updates with each new post) is essential for a mind, body, and spirit author/publisher.

It will be your “home” on the internet, where you welcome guests and treat them to a smorgasbord of author hospitality.

All your efforts on other platforms should be about making connections and leading people to your website/blog – your #1 platform!

Have a web designer create and build an author website for you with an inviting and engaging homepage that prompts visitors to venture deeper into your site – or do it yourself.

At minimum your website should include quality images, email signups, an “About” page that shares your picture and personal story, a “Book” page that showcases your book, offers praise, a brief description and links to retailers, and a “Contact” page. Also, consider a blog.

Blogging is where articles are written periodically by you and/or guest bloggers and featured on your website. It is an excellent way to engage with your audience on topics that are important to both you and them and makes your site dynamic. It helps increase SEO and traffic to your site.

The blog can be a standard page within your website or the dominant feature of the homepage. In the latter, the site is exclusively known as a blog.


WordPress, Weebly & Wix

The best way to get a sense of what works (and doesn’t) when it comes to websites is to visit a number of competitor sites. Do a Google search: Best Spirituality Websites; 50 Best Website List or 50 Best Blog List.

When you find three websites you really like, make note of what distinguishes them from the others. Then chose one to emulate – don’t copy from the website, simply use it as a reference. 

Websites can be expensive. However, there are website builders like Weebly and Wix which make it affordable and easy for you to create your own website without needing any programming skills.

If you would prefer complete flexibility and functionality in a content management system and host then look no further than WordPress.

You can purchase a WordPress Theme (template) or have an original website built for you by a programmer. This latter option is the more costly option, especially if you rely heavily on a programmer (as WordPress requires coding skills) to design, install and maintain your website, now and into the future.


Own your domain name

Importantly, own your domain name. It’s not expensive and ensures your online identity and independence. GoDaddyNamecheap, Bluehost, and plenty of web hosting companies offer domain name services.

Your domain name (or URL) is the address people use to find where you “live” on the internet. As a mind, body, spirit author, it should be your first name (or if you go by a second name) and surname because your name is at the core of your brand.

Don’t name your domain after your book because there may be other books, products, and services to come. Your name will be the common factor flowing through each of your books.

If you own your domain name then you can advertise on your website. You may or may not like the idea of advertising on your website. The reality is, websites cost money to run.

*Please note – Though Weebly offers a free domain name it’s recommended that you obtain your domain name registration from a domain name provider other than Weebly. This means, if you ever wish to export your website, it’ll be easier for you to do so.


Author website design & build summary

The process:

  • (Register your domain name)
  • Think about what you would like from your website
  • Choose a website template, theme, fonts, colours, and images
  • Determine functionalities and layout of your website – homepage, navigation bar, pages
  • About page
  • Book page with retailer links, e-commerce (online store), or Aerio storefront by Ingram Content Group.
  • Contact page with emails (provided by web hosting provider)
  • 2 additional pages​ (eg. Events, Media…)
  • Blog
  • Social media like buttons
  • Social media share buttons
  • Footer: ​Terms & Conditions, Privacy
  • Newsletter signup
  • Google Analytics
  • Put your website together – or have a technician do it for you (request instructions on how to use the website)
  • Make sure you are 100% happy with the look and feel of your developing website
  • Content populate your website – your words and images (your profile & book images)
  • Install 2 blog posts
  • Make sure you are 100% happy with the look and feel of your developing website
  • Make your website SEO-friendly and test links
  • Make sure you are 100% happy with the look and feel of your developing website
  • Select a web hosting provider – that enables the website’s connectivity to the internet
  • Finalise your website – go live
  • Test links again, emails, and Google Analytics

*Please note – You will be required to maintain your domain name and hosting payments.​




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