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When Eve Walked is a mystical and mesmerizing journey into the heart of womanhood.

Linda Cull’s exquisite poetry traverses Eve’s transformation, an epic journey of self-discovery guided by a deep spirituality that empowers her femininity. Through the pain and joy of her journey, Eve perseveres, falls, and rises, illuminating the path to self-realisation and true human power.

Inspiring and deeply personal, Linda’s poems remind us all of the creative magic that is ignited during profound spiritual experiences. Her words encompass a primal feminine force that speaks to all women, inviting spiritual seekers and creatives alike to explore the beauty and magic of womanhood.

-Published by Wilara Press


Tired days, shut lids,

climbing through the

night sky to collect

my solitary p i e c e s ,

to have them meet

after all this      time.





When Eve Walked is an exquisite poetry collection that walks through one woman’s journey, and yet archetypally speaks to all women.

There is a certain creative magic that is ignited during and after profound spiritual experiences, and Linda Cull’s ability to capture it through words and weave them onto a page is a gift for any woman who finds herself on a similar path.

Deeply personal and equally inclusive, her poems speak to that primal feminine force we must each explore if we are to embody our true human power.

Nicole Gruel, Ph.D., author of The Power of NOTEs: How Non-Ordinary Transcendent Experiences Transform The Way We Live, Love and Lead


I am woman – all woman.

And for this moment, I am every woman,

with every piece of me in harmony

in feel of the smoothness of myself…

my body in form; curves and rolls as fruit in swirls,

ripened and ready to pick and devour—

succulent, delicate, and dripping delicious.


From the Author

“All the poems contained in this collection were written in my early twenties when I had many spiritually transformative experiences. It has been my direct-lived experience that creativity inspires a union with the ultimate power and is an effect of that union. Then, I was unfolding my womanhood. These poems, therefore, speak of the divine feminine; hidden, rising – then risen.”



Who is she, teacher and mother to-be?

That one so radiant a beam as hope in trouble.

I am her daughter—

before a dream as daughter, I will be born once more.


    Mother of fields

    and forests

    and orchids

    and spring.


Wets her tears, not in sadness at winter’s barren lands,

thorny stems, and broken sticks,

but in joy of shooting seeds in starring eyes

buried below the surface of soles of feet.



Woman • Hidden Rising Risen

When Eve Walked book

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