Wilara Press

Wilara PressHi, I’m Linda Cull—author, artist, and founder of Wilara Press®

I first heard ‘Wilara’ spoken as a young woman’s name and immediately fell in love with it—it was beautifully melodic. When I discovered its meaning was ‘moon’ it impacted me even more. My favourite natural wonder is the moon. It’s representative of the God-light within each of us.


Wilara Press began in late 2014 as my business and publishing name. It includes my website/blog Spirit my way® and art designs Wilara Studio™.

In 2016, I released my first book, Where The Light Lives and Wilara Press is the name that appeared on its spine. In 2020, I released my second book, When Eve Walked—also published by Wilara Press.

In 2017, Wilara Press expanded into consulting services:

Author & Self-Publishing Consulting enquires—email

Offering personalised guidance, planning, and strategy for mind, body and spirit authors and self-publishers in the following categories:

  • Business
  • Social Media
  • Website
  • Pre-Book Design
  • Marketing
  • Publishing & Distribution

*Australia only | Cost: $125/hour



Wilara Press Books

The book Where The Light Lives


Where The Light Lives is a beautifully written account of a young woman’s extraordinary visionary experiences.

Diagnosed with a painful and humiliating disease of the spine, Linda Cull wanted to die.

Without even nearly dying, she then had a series of encounters with a dazzling light-being that transformed her life.

Similar to the classic near-death experience, Linda’s sense of being flooded with lessons from a transcendent source awakened her artistic imagination, which launched her on a career as a brilliant painter.

Her book is a document of hope to all and should expand the horizons of human psychology.”



When Eve Walked book


“When Eve Walked is an exquisite poetry collection that walks through one woman’s journey, and yet archetypally speaks to all women.

There is a certain creative magic that is ignited during and after profound spiritual experiences, and Linda Cull’s ability to capture it through words and weave them onto a page is a gift for any woman who finds herself on a similar path.

Deeply personal and equally inclusive, her poems speak to that primal feminine force we must each explore if we are to embody our true human power.”