Friday, September 04, 2020

When Eve Walked poems

Book cover reveal time!!! Introducing to you, my beautiful new book, When Eve Walked: Poems— about every woman’s journey to discover her magnificence! Book design by Damonza (affiliate).

Here’s the blurb:

Woman. Hidden. Rising. Risen.

In the inspirational memoir, Where The Light Lives, visionary artist Linda Cull shared her remarkable spiritual awakening journey—giving us hope and healing.

When Eve Walked continues Linda’s offering. A beautifully intimate collection inspired by her powerful spirituality. Through pain and joy, and a life lived deeply, her poems celebrate the many facets of womanhood and self-discovery. It will nourish you.

-Published by Wilara Press

When Eve Walked book




If you want to self-publish a book; sell it and be taken seriously as an author – it’s important to get a professional book design. Unless of course, you’re a graphic designer with book design experience!


Even if you’re on a budget, don’t scrimp on professional editing or book design!

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Be aware, if you’re considering self-publishing, that working with a book designer requires you to be alert and engaged – to have a strong vision for your book; plenty of patience, meticulous attention, and excellent communication.

Though the book designer strives to deliver quality service, they cannot be relied upon for complete accuracy. This is something you are responsible for – down to the last full-stop.

A book designer is not an editor, publisher, printer, or distributor. They are the book designer and you are the publisher – the overseer, manager, director of your book.

This is the challenge of self-publishing. It all comes back on you – even when you do employ the services of professionals. No one is going to know your book or care more about it than you do!

Therefore, as fun and creative as the book design process can be, it is also another exercise in self-discipline, self-awareness, and – constant checking! Find out more here.

As the publisher, it’s essential to have a book design plan in mind and to communicate it precisely with your book designer every step of the way – so you can both achieve the outcome your book deserves.

A good book designer is one that is responsive to you, the self-publisher: open to suggestions, willing to make changes, and offers up good advice when asked, in a timely manner. Damonza ticked these boxes.



I submitted the When Eve Walked manuscript to Damonza about a week before COVID hit Australia – I live in Perth. It resulted in a great slowdown. I went from planning to publish on March 31, 2020, to now, September 22, 2020.

My first book Where The Light Livesa memoir, was designed, from start to finish, in 2 weeks by Damonza so this was my expectation for the second book. This included cover design and interior layout for both a print book and an ebook.

However, the entire process for When Eve Walked took 5 months. By April, I’d accepted my new book was caught up in the COVID whirlwind, so I rolled with it as best I could, and Damonza did too.


When Eve Walked banner


Firstly, I submitted a detailed book design brief for Damonza’s Print and Ebook Cover and Formatting Package – book description, key elements, blurb for the back cover, examples of other covers I liked, formatting instructions, manuscript, etc.

We worked on the interior layout of the print version (PDF) for months – there were many drafts; much fussing, rearranging, and checking and re-checking and more checking. I restructured nine poems and reordered other poems.

Poetry collections are very fiddly (far more than I ever thought) as the way poems present on the page matters very much – spaces, line lengths, how a poem reads over multiple pages, etc. Damonza was very patient with me as I worked through a multitude of formatting issues.

I was also given two cover drafts. I disliked one and thought the other had potential – we worked with this one. I loved the flower on Eve’s head. Yet, I disliked the first and second faces Damonza chose for Eve so I found the third face myself. I had a particular idea in mind as to how she looked.

Here is the progress of cover design drafts:





When Eve Walked book design drafts


When Eve Walked book design drafts

3 & 4

When Eve Walked book design drafts

5 & 6

When Eve Walked book design drafts

7 & 8

When Eve Walked book design draft

Final design



When the interior layout for the print book was finalised it was time to work on the ebook (EPUB and Mobi).

The ebook came to me with spacing missing (between words) – for some reason, it had not transferred. These were deliberate spaces I’d used through my manuscript to emphasise emotion and meaning. I was then required to instruct as to where all the spacing needed to go.

Once the spacing was worked out and the print cover (front and back – including the book’s blurb) was completed, the ebook cover was straightforward.

Now, emerged, I’m more than pleased with the outcome of my book When Eve Walked. It appears that all my fussing paid off. And I have the quality of book I envisaged. Thank you, Damonza!


Linda Cull is an artist, author, and founder of Wilara Press®. Her blog Spirit my way® covers spirituality, inspired creativity, and transformative experiences. Learn more